Going out with Sheero

4 May 2005     •     Comments Off on Going out with Sheero
Family Stuff

Marc and I are trying to start a new habit: night jogging at least once a week at the Ateneo. We’ve done it twice already, and we’ve brought Sheero along each time. Marc and I just meet up on a place while jogging so we can keep our own pacing, so Sheero and I are pretty much alone when we jog. I have to follow Sheero’s pacing though P Yesterday we even spent practically all our jogging time chasing cats and frogs.

We had a late dinner after. We took Sheero to Mang Jimmy’s at UP Diliman (good thing the place was pet-friendly). I tied up Sheero at a wooden pillar right beside my chair, and the little squirt had her own fair share of sisig, beef tapa, and lechon kawali. Sheero seemed to have enjoyed the trip, because on the way home, she behaved for ONCE. hehehe

There are so many things (not exactly good things) going on here at home that I don’t even want to think about anymore. That’s actually one of the reasons why Marc and I started this jogging thing… Keep me sane. I don’t think I can handle being cooped up at home working all the time and hearing whines and shouts. Besides, having some time with nature helps me keep the creativity flowing… Anyway, enough about sad things. I don’t want to think about it remember? P

If you’re a die-hard blogger and you haven’t registered yet at www.iblogph.org, please do. I’m not just asking you guys to join just because I’ll be one of the speakers (ahahahaha I’m not THAT thick you know), but hey, it’s the Philippines 1st blogging summit, so I don’t think you’ll want to miss that… especially if you’re the type of person who blogs more often than me! hehehehe. Anyway, hope to see you guys there! )


24 April 2005     •     Comments Off on HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEERO!!!!!!
Family Stuff

Happy birthday, Sheero!!! She’s three years old now!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Happy Birthday, Mama Nena!

26 March 2005     •     Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Mama Nena!
Family Stuff

It’s my grandmother’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Mama Nena. Nice, considering that her birthday coincided with Easter. Too bad my mom’s still not strong enough, or we’d have visited her at the cementery.

Damn those Labs!

11 March 2005     •     Comments Off on Damn those Labs!
Family Stuff

Ok, I’m going to sound utterly MEAN here, but I HATE MY DAD’S LABRADOR RETRIEVERS!!!!!!!!!!! Dad says “forgive and forget,” but come on! That’s kind of hard to do when you can’t control your right hand without suffering intense pain because of a deep wound made by those dogs. Yep, Scout bit my hand. There was another “Little dogs versus Big dogs” war in the garden. Scout bit my hand to keep me out of the way and for me to stop protecting Harry.

Sheero had her right front paw injured too (kind of like my right hand), and has to hop to walk. Only Choknat remains unscathed (he was too scared to get into the brawl). The “birth” of the war actually went like this. Patatats couldn’t find her pups, so in desperation, she went into the garden (where the bad big dogs were at that time) to try her luck. Crunchie saw her and attacked without warning. Sheero went out and tried to help, but she got bitten on her right “arm” and had to back off. Crunchie went back to chewing Patatats who was already crying and full of saliva. Harry saw what happened, and tried to help. But Scout and Coal spotted him. They attacked him, and even as he tried to get a way (with my help), Scout pulled on his ear (my poor baby). Daddy pulled Crunchie off Patatats, so she was able to get to safety, but Dad had to hold on to Crunchie to keep her from helping the attack on Harry. Bing, our maid, helped me free Harry by pulling Scout off, but it wasn’t enough ‘coz Coal was still free. My sister Joyce had to pull Coal aside and pinned him down. I was about to carry Harry to safety, when Scout suddenly broke loose from Bing’s grip (man, that dog is huge) and knocked her over. I was carrying Harry, and Scout bit my hand so he could attack Harry. That was the last straw for me. Scout bit the hand I use for work, my right hand, the one I use to control the mouse (I’m a webdesigner, I need my right hand). I was so mad that I was able to pull Scout off Harry and throw him off (thank god for adrenalin, I won’t be able to carry that huge FAT dog on a regular state). I got to Harry and helped the poor dog escape. There. The story ends.

Pretty exciting huh? That’s true, but it’s also painful. I’m having a hard time typing this entry, but good thing that’s it’s starting to heal.

Mommy cried again when that happened. I think she was sad that she couldn’t help.

Arghhhh I can’t wait for these “dark times” to be over. I’m working my ass off to help my dad make ends meet, and I’m beginning to feel the pressure. Sometimes I feel like I can’t design, with so many things going on my mind. It’s a good thing I rediscovered an outlet, making digital art. I used to do that a lot before when I’m upset, so I’m going to start doing that again. Helps me keep that “creative level.” Watch out for the abstract splash headers I made for Pixelbureau.Com on its March issue. Hmmm…. Maybe one of these days I’ll get an account with Deviant Art.

Bills again!!!!!!!!

8 March 2005     •     Comments Off on Bills again!!!!!!!!
Family Stuff

Dammit. I’m beginning to hate getting mail. Not email, mind you, but BILLS through mail. I’ve been paying our household bills for quite some time now, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing them. Marc even said that getting household bills is beginning to affect my moods too. He knows how to predict when I’m about to have my period (I get awfully cranky), or that I had a lot of work to do the night before and haven’t had any sleep. And now, another thing gets me pissed off enough to affect my mood for the day: BILLS!!!!!!! Oh well, as they say… That’s life!

Mommy is undergoing physical theraphy now, and there’s lots of improvement. She can actually say longer sentences that make sense. Though she can’t still walk, she can sit up in bed by herself now. )

I’m having my teeth repaired… And just had two extractions today. Arghhh… It hurts (

Sheero, Harry, and Choknat haven’t really done anything glamorous. They’re still their happy, loyal selves. Still keep me company every where I go.

Sorry, that’s it for now. I’m still pretty busy with work. I’ll be back soon… Maybe even with a version 6 of Kutitots! ) Bye for now.

Mommy is BACK!!!

24 February 2005     •     1 Comment
Family Stuff

No, I’m not calling myself “Mommy” now and saying that I’m back. My mom IS back, back from the hospital I mean.

Mommy can’t walk yet, her right side of the body is still very week. That’s actually what was affected by the second stroke she had in the hospital. But there’s still hope. The physical therapist said that she can still gain back her old strength through therapy in two months or so. That is so good news for us.

It’s not easy seeing Mommy this way. When she needs to sit up, I have to practically carry her. Dad usually does that, but I had to do it myself thrice or more today because Dad was busy fixing up the room where my Mom was going to stay. The first time I had to help her up, she cried. She saw how much difficulty I was going through, and she knew deep down that she had brought this upon herself due to her chain smoking and not listening to the doctor’s advice. I didn’t say anything. I don’t need to say it’s her fault, and I don’t think I want to. I can see that she’s really guilty about what happened. I mean, even though she couldn’t speak properly, she tried to tell us that we’re going to spend a lot on her medicine by pointing at the paper where the doctor put down everything that she needed to drink (they’re around 8 medicines I think). When we asked her if she’s worried about how we’ll pay for it, she nodded. You can see she was crying.

I’m going to apologize in advance now to the people emailing me or asking me for help in Flash. Sorry guys. I’m going to try my best to respond or help you when I have the time. I’m going to have to work double-time now, and be extremely busy. I need to work on as much projects as I can to help out here at home. What we’re spending on medicines is no joke, both my sister and my mom require expensive ones. I’ll probably still blog once in a while, I’m going to need an outlet you know ) What I can promise though, is that I’ll reply to emails everytime I get a bit of free time. )

I relaunched my portfolio site, www.gaildelacruz.com. New design, and much easier to update. Pass by if you have time.

I gave Choknat and Harry hair cuts. I wanted to give Sheero one too, but she didn’t want to. Kept squirming and won’t stay put. I guess she thinks the little boy doggies’ cuts were ugly. Hehe. I’m no expert! Anyhow, they still look cute. Hehehehe they look like “poodles” now! ) I’ll post photos when I have time.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

13 February 2005     •     Comments Off on Celebrating Valentine’s Day
Family Stuff

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps! I won’t exactly say that this will be a very good day for me… Mom’s in the hospital, AGAIN. She wouldn’t listen when her doctor told her to quit smoking. She kept at it, and see what she got: another room in the hospital. The doctor said she had a stroke again.

I don’t know if I should feel mad at my mom. My sister, if you’ve read this site from front to back, as you all know has psychological problems. She’s very emotional, and things like my mom getting sick is a bit too much for her to handle. I guess I’m not really mad at my mom, I’m just really FRUSTRATED. I’m really frustrated that she put her vice before my sister. My dad pointed out my sister’s reaction to her, and we’re really hoping it sank in… SOMEHOW. I love my mom, but I have to admit she’s very hard-headed. She was the only daughter of a rich pilot, very spoiled, so she’s so used to getting her way. But then again, there’s always hope. Maybe seeing how her illness affects my sister will somehow encourage her to quit smoking and change her bad habits. I myself used to smoke (shoot, I used to smoke almost a pack a day!), but I’ve already quit. It was really hard, but it’s very possible. It took a lot of my willpower, but quitting was really worth it. I feel as healthy as I did back in high school, before I started smoking.

I don’t really have it in me to celebrate Valentine’s Day today. Marc and I will probably just visit my mom at the hospital or stay at home and hang out. I’ll probably just distract myself with work too, and Marc will help me. Some date, huh? Well, can’t blame me. It’s hard to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you know your mom is lying in bed at the hospital with an oxygen mask ‘coz her smoking got the better of her health. ( Oh well, it’s just Valentine’s Day anyway. Marc and I can go out any time, on a different time when I’m in the mood.

It’s kind of lucky that I’ll be getting payments from my clients this week. I’ll be able to pay for my mom’s hospitalization (I don’t want to burden my dad with it), but I think I’ll put off buying an LCD monitor for now. I can still afford even with the hospital bill, but it doesn’t feel right. I don’t want to buy something as expensive as that when my mom is sick in the hospital. I think I’ll just save it for now, just in case my mom will need it again. Oh well, there’s always next time.

The dogs are my only company here at home when Marc’s not here. My dad and my sister are both at the hospital with my mom. I’m the “taong-bahay”. It’s kinda depressing when Marc’s not here to keep me company, but the dogs are trying. They’re ALL here in my computer room, keeping me company. Sheero is particularly sweet, sleeping on my lap while I work )

I’ll try to update this site soon. Sorry guys. I’ve been really busy. As you can see, I’m not just busy with work, I need to take care of my mom too. Don’t worry though, I’ll be adding new stuff soon. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope yours is better than mine )

In PAIN!!!

26 January 2005     •     Comments Off on In PAIN!!!
Family Stuff

Sheero and I are in so much pain right now. First me… I think my left cheek is swollen, damn busted teeth. P As usual, teeth problems! I gotta drink vitamins (and yes, cut down sweets), or all of my teeth will fall off before I even reach the age of 24 (I’m 23 now, so that’s just one year!)

Sheero is in more painful pain than I am. My only complaint is my teeth, my poor baby came off worse from a fight. Crunchie, our Labrador Retriever (now the dog I hate the most), bit her like she’s a piece of bubble gum. My baby Sheero is nursing her wounds now (damn, some are quite deep), and very much in pain. It breaks my heart seeing her like that (

Harry and Choknat are taking advantage of Sheero’s weak state right now. They’re both vying for the “top” spot on my bed: the spot beside my pillow that’s usually occupied by Sheero. I tried to get Sheero sleep on her spot even if she’s injured, but she didn’t want to. She’s depressed and she just wants to be left alone (

I’m taking Harry tomorrow when Marc and I go jogging at the Marikina Riverbanks. I can’t take Sheero (she’s wounded), and I can’t take Choknat (Marc and Choknat are mortal enemies), so I’m stuck with Harry. I’m kinda worried, honestly. Harry’s afraid of going outside the house. He’ll probably cry like a baby while we’re jogging )

Boring stuff, I know. But I’ve been kinda busy. Sorry I haven’t been answering those who have emailed me. I will, you know, once I get these out of the way. )

I’m such a BI!

16 January 2005     •     Comments Off on I’m such a BI!
Family Stuff

I’m going straight to hell. I’m such a bad influence (BI) to my hon! Hehehehe. Can’t tell you what though… D Hmm… I think I’m going to confession one of these days. Haven’t done that in such a long time. There might be hope of salvation for me. D

The emnity between Marc and Choknat is getting worse. I don’t think they’ll EVER make up. I told Marc to quit frightening Choknat (he seems to enjoy seeing the poor dog pee in fright, and he pees on MY LAP sometimes because Marc was scaring him). They’ll have to get over this “conflict” soon, you know, ‘coz I’ll definitely be taking my three little fluffy dogs with me when Marc and I get married. Marc and Choknat will have to make up, they’ll be living under the same roof. D

Sheero’s really sweet whenever the temperature’s really cold. She loves to snuggle next to me. I don’t mind that (I actually like it really), but what I don’t enjoy is having her sit on MY FACE. Sheero has made me her “property” already. I can’t even touch my mom’s Patatats without her snarling and pulling on my shorts or slippers. Damn dog.

I think something is wrong with Harry. He’s almost a year old now, and he still acts like a pup. The usual explanation for puppies chewing things is because it helps with their growing teeth. Harry’s teeth have all grown, and yet he still like chewing things like a puppy. Might be a psychological problem, or maybe he’s just a big baby. That might be true, you know. I tried to take Harry out for a walk (Sheero loves walks), and he whined and cried as soon as we were out of the house. Dad was laughing when he saw Harry crying while we were outside and called him “BABY DAMULAG”. D oh well. I have weird dogs.

Sorry I haven’t had the time to take out the Christmas decor on my site yet. I’ve been quite busy with work, AS USUAL. I promised myself I’ll take them out when Dad takes down the Christmas decor of our home. Since he already took them out, I should be doing that soon too… I just need to finish some projects here. I’ll update the site too, promise. )

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