Dammit. I hate being sick. And I especially hate being sick with colds and flu! Lucky for me, I work at home, so I can still get some work done. A bit slow, but it’s better than not to be able to work at all. I think I got the flu from my dad. He was sick last week. Oh well, this will pass. I’m taking vitamins now, so I don’t feel like I’m dying any second unlike before.

Oh, by the way, I had fun yesterday. I gave a talk to a few Communications students from the Ateneo yesterday, and it feels good to share them my experience as a freelance Web designer. Damn, my “teacher” instinct’s acting up again. Not many people know about it, but my closest friends know that I’ve always like teaching. I wanted to be a teacher too, but I love web design more so that’s what I chose. Anyhow, I don’t know if they learned anything from me. Wehehehe. In any case, at least I was able to warn them of the risks involved if they do decide to take this track.

Being back at the Ateneo campus made me miss it. I had some pretty happy memories there. It was in there where I met Marc, as well as my barkada (geez, I don’t see them anymore). My friends aren’t the only ones I miss from there though: I miss being a student.

Two years ago, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and finally be able to work full time. Now, when I really think about it… No matter how much taxing Ateneo school workload was, it’s much easier than really working to earn. I didn’t have to worry about paying the household bills (I’m not complaining though, I love helping out my dad with them), and I didn’t have any other responsibility except to pass my subjects. Me the student got allowance from Dad, but now me the working girl gives allowance to my sister!

It was easier being a student, but no matter, I love being where I am now. It’s really great to finally be able to SOMEHOW “pay back” the sacrifices my parents made for me. They don’t require me to do this for them, they don’t think it’s my duty as a daughter, but I’m more than happy to help them out nonetheless. Now I can really understand that they did a lot of sacrifices for me: it’s not easy earning money, not easy to raise a family.

Ok, enough drama. ) I got my “normal fun” yesterday too after my talk. I went with Marc and his colleagues to Red Box Videoke in Greenbelt. I didn’t sing though, I just played billiards with Marc there. My throat was starting to ache, and I think my flu was starting to kick in at that time. I enjoyed though. Marc and I rarely go to Makati for gimmiks. We explored the place after the Red Box thing. It would have been nice to have a little romantic stroll on the little Greenbelt park, but there was a drizzle so we were kinda stuck inside. It was fun.

Haha. I just remembered. Marc and Choknat did this funny “stare into each others eyes and see who gives up first” challenge. When Marc was waiting for me to get ready for my talk (he accompanied me, by the way), I thought it was kind of weird that the living room was pretty quiet when I went there. Choknat is usually barking his head off when Marc’s here, but that time, he was just staring at Marc. Marc was just staring back too. Hehehehehe. It was kind of funny. When Marc stood up and did a silly growl, Choknat nearly wet himself and ran barking mad to my mom. Hahahaha. I swear, Marc and this dog will never get along!

Sheero’s way better now. Her wounds from her “encounter” with Crunchie have healed completely, and her fur is getting nicer too. I think she’ll be in heat soon. I think I’ll let her sit out this one for now, it’s not healthy for her getting screwed and banged every time she’s in heat D

I’m mad at Harry. He stole my corned beef and ate it on MY bed (

Wow. Another long entry. That’s a start. Hehehe. One of these days I’ll have time to really update this site )