I am poofed!!! And YES, I know, I know. I haven’t been blogging! Sorry guys, been busy with work. I don’t really like talking about specifics of my projects on this blog (come on, give me a break. My blog is the only place I can relax on the Net!), but I’m just so glad this “big” project is over. And for the first time, I’m excited about a site launch. Tell you more about it when it’s really launched.

I’m poofed, I’m tired. I haven’t really slept properly, but hey that’s life. Money don’t grow in trees. Mantra to self while working: “I will buy myself a goddamn expensive monitor.” Yes, I’m a geek. I’m a certified geek and my butt is like attached to my computer chair already. I think I’ll take Marc and my sister out for dinner or something too. Gotta do something fun (or at least what normal people call fun) for a change. Geez, I’m getting addicted to work again. I need to get a life P

Ok, enough on that. Guess what? Patatats has puppies! And guess who the fathers (take note, it’s in plural form) are? Harry and Choknat! It’s so cute. They share everything, even their “wife”. Hahahaha. I know, I know. Choknat’s gay, so how can that be? Wellllllll…… After he saw Harry screw Patatats, he wanted to screw her too! And you know what? After he screwed Patatats, you should have seen Choknat’s face. He was in SHOCK. Weheehehheheheehe

Anyhow, Kutonbol has babies too. We don’t know who the father is. Cripe. We have TWO nursing mommies here now.

Sheero, on the other hand, is still her sweet self. I slept really late (as in morning already late) yesterday, and even though Dad was calling me to eat already, I couldn’t bring myself to stand up. You’d think that Sheero will go and beg my family for scraps, but no. She stayed and slept beside me. So we ate lunch/breakfast together then ) I love my dog!