Ok, I’m going to sound utterly MEAN here, but I HATE MY DAD’S LABRADOR RETRIEVERS!!!!!!!!!!! Dad says “forgive and forget,” but come on! That’s kind of hard to do when you can’t control your right hand without suffering intense pain because of a deep wound made by those dogs. Yep, Scout bit my hand. There was another “Little dogs versus Big dogs” war in the garden. Scout bit my hand to keep me out of the way and for me to stop protecting Harry.

Sheero had her right front paw injured too (kind of like my right hand), and has to hop to walk. Only Choknat remains unscathed (he was too scared to get into the brawl). The “birth” of the war actually went like this. Patatats couldn’t find her pups, so in desperation, she went into the garden (where the bad big dogs were at that time) to try her luck. Crunchie saw her and attacked without warning. Sheero went out and tried to help, but she got bitten on her right “arm” and had to back off. Crunchie went back to chewing Patatats who was already crying and full of saliva. Harry saw what happened, and tried to help. But Scout and Coal spotted him. They attacked him, and even as he tried to get a way (with my help), Scout pulled on his ear (my poor baby). Daddy pulled Crunchie off Patatats, so she was able to get to safety, but Dad had to hold on to Crunchie to keep her from helping the attack on Harry. Bing, our maid, helped me free Harry by pulling Scout off, but it wasn’t enough ‘coz Coal was still free. My sister Joyce had to pull Coal aside and pinned him down. I was about to carry Harry to safety, when Scout suddenly broke loose from Bing’s grip (man, that dog is huge) and knocked her over. I was carrying Harry, and Scout bit my hand so he could attack Harry. That was the last straw for me. Scout bit the hand I use for work, my right hand, the one I use to control the mouse (I’m a webdesigner, I need my right hand). I was so mad that I was able to pull Scout off Harry and throw him off (thank god for adrenalin, I won’t be able to carry that huge FAT dog on a regular state). I got to Harry and helped the poor dog escape. There. The story ends.

Pretty exciting huh? That’s true, but it’s also painful. I’m having a hard time typing this entry, but good thing that’s it’s starting to heal.

Mommy cried again when that happened. I think she was sad that she couldn’t help.

Arghhhh I can’t wait for these “dark times” to be over. I’m working my ass off to help my dad make ends meet, and I’m beginning to feel the pressure. Sometimes I feel like I can’t design, with so many things going on my mind. It’s a good thing I rediscovered an outlet, making digital art. I used to do that a lot before when I’m upset, so I’m going to start doing that again. Helps me keep that “creative level.” Watch out for the abstract splash headers I made for Pixelbureau.Com on its March issue. Hmmm…. Maybe one of these days I’ll get an account with Deviant Art.