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25 April 2005     •     Comments Off on BUSY as hell, iBlogph.org
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Hi all… Sorry for being in hibernation mode… Been really busy. Not just with work, but at home too. My mom is in this depressed funk, and has become pretty demanding. We have a lot in our hands right now… But at least my mom is able to walk using a cane now, unlike before, when she couldn’t move her entire right side at all.

Anyway, on a happier note, I’ll be attending the first blogging summit in UP on May 7 as a speaker. I don’t know what I’m going to say to all those people, but what the heck! ) I’ve never had a concrete plan whenever I had to do public speaking. I’ve spoken infront of a roomful of prisoners at the New Bilibid Prison, around 100 students of Comtech freshmen, etc. etc… and all I brought with me is my thickness (kapal ng mukha). We all end up laughing in the end so what the heck? )

Anyway, if you’d like to attend the blogging summit on May 7, just register at www.iblogph.org. It’s free for all. I’m up with Yugatech in the morning, around 9am. For the afternoon, I think they’ll be having The Sassy Lawyer. Anyhow, just visit the iblogph site and sign up… There’s a detailed schedule there. ) Hope to see you guys on May 7!!! )

Do you think they (iblogph people) will allow me to bring Sheero? ) hehehe.

Speaking of my dogs… Harry has his own dolly now. Yes, he has his own toy doll. He and Choknat fight over it all the time. It’s a Flintstones Pebbles doll we got for free when I treated my family to a KFC dinner. Anyway, dolly is now missing a hand and a foot, so we might be disposing of her soon if Harry allows it. Hehehe. I’ll show photos of Harry and his dolly when I have the time. Oh, by the way… Sheero might be pregnant again (


24 April 2005     •     Comments Off on HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEERO!!!!!!
Family Stuff

Happy birthday, Sheero!!! She’s three years old now!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

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