Marc and I are trying to start a new habit: night jogging at least once a week at the Ateneo. We’ve done it twice already, and we’ve brought Sheero along each time. Marc and I just meet up on a place while jogging so we can keep our own pacing, so Sheero and I are pretty much alone when we jog. I have to follow Sheero’s pacing though P Yesterday we even spent practically all our jogging time chasing cats and frogs.

We had a late dinner after. We took Sheero to Mang Jimmy’s at UP Diliman (good thing the place was pet-friendly). I tied up Sheero at a wooden pillar right beside my chair, and the little squirt had her own fair share of sisig, beef tapa, and lechon kawali. Sheero seemed to have enjoyed the trip, because on the way home, she behaved for ONCE. hehehe

There are so many things (not exactly good things) going on here at home that I don’t even want to think about anymore. That’s actually one of the reasons why Marc and I started this jogging thing… Keep me sane. I don’t think I can handle being cooped up at home working all the time and hearing whines and shouts. Besides, having some time with nature helps me keep the creativity flowing… Anyway, enough about sad things. I don’t want to think about it remember? P

If you’re a die-hard blogger and you haven’t registered yet at, please do. I’m not just asking you guys to join just because I’ll be one of the speakers (ahahahaha I’m not THAT thick you know), but hey, it’s the Philippines 1st blogging summit, so I don’t think you’ll want to miss that… especially if you’re the type of person who blogs more often than me! hehehehe. Anyway, hope to see you guys there! )