The dog who lived!

27 July 2005     •     Comments Off on The dog who lived!
Family Stuff

“The dog who lived.” Hehehe. Cute huh? Harry, Sheero’s son, now has a scar on his forehead. Nope, I didn’t do it on purpose (how dare you think that?!!!). He got into a fight with his daddy Spike, so there, he got a little wound on his forehead. Harry is ok, he’s a good sport. He’s the type of dog who easily forgives. Anyway, you should see him smile when we call him “the dog who lived.” I think he really likes being the center of attention, and enjoys being called names like that. I was thinking of submitting his photo to Mugglenet.Com, the best Harry Potter fan site… But maybe not. Hehehe.

Choknat now wants to be called “Choknat Weasley.” Hehehehe. If that’s the case, Sheero will be “Sher-mione Granger”. Marc (yes, even my dear boyfriend will have his Harry Potter nickname), since he’s so “evil” to Choknat Weasley, will be “Lord Markemort.”

I think I’ll stop now with the Harry Potter nicknames, before I embarrass myself further.

My god, I’m going nuts! Haha. It must be the pressure… I must be tired. P

By the way… Thanks to everyone who commented. I’ll be changing the settings for the moderation of blog comments so I wouldn’t have to approve of them everytime (if I ever figure it out! D ). Just one request though.. No cussing in the comments please. You can bash me all you want, just don’t cuss. I’m trying to keep this site GP. If you really want to cuss me, cuss what I said, cuss your dog, cuss the world, cuss yourself… just wait for my Flash version so you can cuss all you want using my contact form. Cuss you! :p Wehehehehe.

Broke and tired, but happy

27 July 2005     •     Comments Off on Broke and tired, but happy
Daily Dose

I’m very tired. I’ve been trying to finish up version 6 of Kutitots in time for the Philippine Webbies, at the same time juggling the I-have-already-lost-count number of projects we have right now. I’m not kidding, I have lost count. Sometimes I even confuse the specs! Hehehe. But hey, that’s life. If there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

Another thing I’ve been working on is the front-end of our company’s web site. Well, since we’re officially incorporated since June, I think I can talk about it already. Our company is called SHEERO Media Solutions Group, Inc. Yep, we named it after Sheero, my pretty darling doggy. I didn’t leave my fellow incorporators alone until they agreed. Well, at least one of them thinks it’s unique! Hehe. Anyway, I’m still not sure if they all want their names disclosed before our official site launching, but to be safe, I won’t. Marc is part of the team of incorporators, by the way.

Speaking of Marc, he went on leave for this month of July just so he could help out in the launching of our company. We’ve got a lot of projects on hand, which is actually the main reason why he went on leave. You know, with all the projects we have to do, Marc practically lives here. Hehe. Choknat isn’t happy about the setup! Sometimes they peacefully exist, sometimes they’re at each other’s throats. Honestly, I think it’s Marc’s fault. He ALWAYS scares Choknat just when the dog is relaxing at his presence. As I told Marc, their relationship is at a healing stage, and he musn’t do that else they’ll never ever get along.

I said I was broke, and yes, I am VERY broke. I just spent my earnings paying all our bills and…… bought myself a 17 inch LCD monitor!!! Weee!!!!!! I gave Dad my 19 inch flat screen monitor, which is still in good condition, just a year old. I’ve been meaning to make this investment, and I tell you, I never regretted it. For some reason, my beloved LCD “encourages” me to design better. I don’t know, probably because the screen is much more eye-friendly? Well, for one thing, I can last longer in front of the PC now without straining my eyes. Marc made an investment too (so we’re both broke), bought himself a faster system, but didn’t buy a new monitor. Hehehe. I swapped my Dad’s old regular 19 inch monitor for Marc’s 15 inch regular monitor… so now I have a dual monitor setup! ) It’s cool, I can easily check resolution compatibility of my designs and at the same time have a spacious desktop.

I took Sheero for a walk with Marc yesterday morning. We went to the Shell shop near our house, and Sheero was really happy for it. She was in a good mood when we got back. The walk was good for her. She had been in this insecure funk lately… Sleeping on the floor when Choknat or Harry takes her place on my bed. Well, at least now, the walk helped her realized that she’s still my number one baby doggy.

That’s it for now. Please come back regularly for the launching of version 6 ok? For now, just live with my blog. I’ll have my Flash personal site up in a few.

Sheero and the Half-Blood Prince

18 July 2005     •     Comments Off on Sheero and the Half-Blood Prince
Daily Dose

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, you know what that means… Book 6 of Harry Potter is finally out! I can’t believe that I actually waited 2 years for that. Well, obviously, this series is my absolute favorite.

Marc bought me the Half-Blood Prince book as a gift. I woke him up at 530am on July 16 and we were there at National Bookstore by 7am… The bookstore people are really anticipating avid Potter fans like me to turn up really early for it. They even moved their usual store opening to 7am just to accomodate those looking forward to the book. This really is one of those books that require special “attention.” Geez… When Marc and I were at McDonald’s, a woman who seems to be in her forties just asked me out of the blue where I got my copy. A STRANGER just asked me where I got it (I actually reserved it at National since last March 7 hehehe). Well, that’s Harry Potter for you!

I must say… I was quite surprise with the latest installment. It’s definitely not the usual… and it’s a shame that Hermione ended up with Ron, Harry would have been a better man for her. Not that I don’t like Ginny, but her character just happened to come out of nowhere… It wasn’t build up like Hermione. Hell, Marc the non-Potter reader actually wanted her to get together with Harry. So does my sister, who doesn’t really like reading much. Well, the romantic stories in the book weren’t the ones that really surprised me… I wasn’t even surprised at the newly killed character (it’s about time, for crying out loud. It’s so typical in these stories.). What really surprised me is the overall way the book was written.

One thing: this book isn’t exactly the type of book parents should read their kids as bed time stories. It’s darker, and has issues that a more mature audience would appreciate. Well, lucky for me, I’m an adult already so what the heck. Poor kids though. Harry’s growing up.

I haven’t really updated you guys on my dogs lately… Well, nothing much happened, aside from the love-and-hate relationship Marc and Choknat now share. They would have truces at times, then get really pissed at each other after a few hours of peace. Oh, well. At least it’s an improvement from the total hate-hate relationship they had before. This is a huge step forward )

Sheero might be pregnant… But Patatats definitely is. Harry was the father… The freak! Patatats is his sister P

By the way, version 6 is almost done. Stay tuned! )

Down the drain we go

10 July 2005     •     Comments Off on Down the drain we go
Daily Dose

I know that this blog is aimed to be light-hearted, mostly about my life and my life with my 14 dogs, but this current political crisis really ticked me off. Allow me to vent out my woes please!

Ok, first of all, a disclaimer. Do not sue me for libel, this is just an opinion, an opinion based on venting out frustrations. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan PIKON.

I am absolutely disgusted with what’s happening in the country right now. Aside from having a president who cheats, we have all these politicians swarming around her like hungry vultures waiting to devour the prey. Ok, so I’m not a political “expert” like other people believes themselves to be, and probably my opinion will be merely dismissed as blabbing from an over-stressed designer. But come on. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Do you honestly think that another EDSA rally will do any good. You remove yet another president in office, and then what? Susan Roces takes office? Then after a few years, the actress with no political experience (at least ERAP was senator before he became president), will be removed from office by another EDSA rally. We’ve had so many “EDSAs” that I’ve already lost count. Just call it EDSA nth, where N is the variable of how many times vultures try to take over.

My dad explained to me yesterday how Parliamentary procedure works (ok, I admit, I was probably absent when they discussed this in class), and it seemed to be the best thing for us. All these politicians can argue all they want, and if they don’t like the president, they replace him/her. But the best thing about this is that governance continue. Since everybody seems to want to be president anyway, they’ll have their chance. And our country won’t suffer no matter how many times they try to change the presidency. Life will go on.

It’s just really sad that no matter how often activists clamor for change of government, everything is just the same. I had thought that having an economist for president would do our country good. I am one of those people who check the dollar rate every day, and I’ve seen that from 56.something to a dollar, we went to 54.something. Some might think that it’s not such a big thing, but from 56 to 54, you can really feel the change if you get paid regularly in dollars. Then what happens? Controvercies spawn up triggered by opposing politicians who want to be presidents themselves. Dollar rate shoots up again.

That’s not the only thing that’s sad about this. Look around you people. While we have “good” politicians and activists clamoring for “change”, you have kids in repressed areas who don’t have enough books or good teachers to guide them to read. I spent weekends with these kids during my stay in the Ateneo, I’ve helped teach college freshmen social awareness and accompanied them to different repressed areas in Manila, and from what I have seen (I’m sure there are much worse situations than those), no EDSA nth has made any difference.

It is too much to hope that these politicians clamoring for power has the people’s best interest at heart. I really admire those politicians who just do their jobs with geniune concern for the people. For me, they are the real heroes of this country.

I think I will end here now. I think it might be too much to hope that these power-hungry politicians will come to their senses and just do their jobs. I am not saying that what GMA did was a good thing, it was really a lowly thing to do, but if she has to be removed from office, due process must be followed. Politicking will not remove her from the presidency, it will just drown our country further into depression. Let her do her job, for crying out loud. And maybe, HOPEFULLY, WISHFULLY, these political vultures will have some kind of holy intervention from God and realize that there are more to things in life than being president.

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