“The dog who lived.” Hehehe. Cute huh? Harry, Sheero’s son, now has a scar on his forehead. Nope, I didn’t do it on purpose (how dare you think that?!!!). He got into a fight with his daddy Spike, so there, he got a little wound on his forehead. Harry is ok, he’s a good sport. He’s the type of dog who easily forgives. Anyway, you should see him smile when we call him “the dog who lived.” I think he really likes being the center of attention, and enjoys being called names like that. I was thinking of submitting his photo to Mugglenet.Com, the best Harry Potter fan site… But maybe not. Hehehe.

Choknat now wants to be called “Choknat Weasley.” Hehehehe. If that’s the case, Sheero will be “Sher-mione Granger”. Marc (yes, even my dear boyfriend will have his Harry Potter nickname), since he’s so “evil” to Choknat Weasley, will be “Lord Markemort.”

I think I’ll stop now with the Harry Potter nicknames, before I embarrass myself further.

My god, I’m going nuts! Haha. It must be the pressure… I must be tired. P

By the way… Thanks to everyone who commented. I’ll be changing the settings for the moderation of blog comments so I wouldn’t have to approve of them everytime (if I ever figure it out! D ). Just one request though.. No cussing in the comments please. You can bash me all you want, just don’t cuss. I’m trying to keep this site GP. If you really want to cuss me, cuss what I said, cuss your dog, cuss the world, cuss yourself… just wait for my Flash version so you can cuss all you want using my contact form. Cuss you! :p Wehehehehe.