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Family Stuff

Not just pissed off beyond my mind, but severely disappointed as well.

I was so looking forward to having cable internet installed last Thursday. I waited for the cable people to arrive, eventhough I should have been sleeping at that time (I work at night). So they went here. They did some stuff on the cable outside, took around an hour at least. Then guess what? The service apparently isn’t available yet. Argggggh!!!!!! The cables we had were only one-way, meaning, it’s only for cable T.V.

I felt like crying, really. Even the cable lineman felt sorry for me. So I guess he was indeed sincere when he said he will follow it up with their Engineering department.

I called up their customer service and got this lazy-sounding guy on the line. When he asked me to repeat my story, I almost lost it. He wasn’t listening, apparently. I suppose the only time I got his full attention was when I sounded really pissed off already. Who wouldn’t? I was sold a “product” that wasn’t even existing yet, and this guy who was supposed to be doing something about it must have forgotten to drink his morning coffee, or just needed to have his brain come back on earth from space!

Anyway, I got the explanation. Apparently, there were indeed actual plans for installing cables in our street. It just wasn’t implemented yet due to the rainy weather. Somehow their sales department got news that it was already implemented. In other words, they had departmental miscommunication.

Oh well. As they say, that’s life. Anyway, at least I have a compensation: they’re going to prioritize installation of the cable on our street. The sale girl I talked to (she’s actually nice, you know, and was really apologetic about what happened so I didn’t have problems forgiving her), called me up again today and said that their department is following it up with their engineering, and would likely have the cables up next week. Well, that’s good news. So I told them I won’t refund my payment anymore, and just wait for the installation. See? I’m nice too. Haha.

Anyway, life goes on…

Looks like Sheero will be having her pups soon. She doesn’t hang out with me as often as before, she’s usually missing from computer room when I’m working and sometimes she doesn’t sleep beside me. These things usually happen when she’s looking for a nesting ground.

I got a bit annoyed at Harry and Choknat yesterday. I haven’t had any sleep on Thursday, not even an hour, so I was too tired to work on anything last night. For once, I turned off the lights in my room at night. My three dogs were sleeping on my bed with me. Harry and Choknat must have really been enjoying their sleep, for only Sheero accompanied me to bathroom when I had to pee. All three of them usually do, but these two were too lazy! When I got back, they didn’t even move an inch! They were both sleeping soundly with paws up in the air. Oh, well. So much for loyalty. Hehehe.

Lily: I’ll take your word for it and give you a dog! D I’ll email you when the pups can be given away.

Back to school

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Daily Dose

I think the last time I was back at the Ateneo campus was sometime in July. I had to give a talk on blogging for an old friend who’s an English teacher now in the college. And yesterday I went back there, to give another talk. Hehe. Seems like the only time I go there is when I’m giving talks… But that might change now.

One of the other reasons I went there was to meet up with some old friends who work at the Office of Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI). I’m spearheading this outreach project for Philweavers, this web designers and programmers community, so I had to meet up with them. To be honest, I’m really not happy with the community (there are a lot of people there who are, well, arrogant), and I’m not really counting on getting a 100% participation on this project. But no matter. I like doing this kind of thing. I’ve been a kindergarten tutor for an underpriveleged area called Kaingin Dos, facilitated some reflection sessions, and took freshmen to areas while I was in college as a part-time job. I think the reason why Naz turned that project over to me is because I’d do everything to see it through, even if help won’t come from the Philweavers community. I’ve been in areas and worked with NGOs to know that they would be extremely disappointed if they were promised something that didn’t push through. No matter what happens, these guys will get what was promised.

I know I’m extremely busy at the moment with projects. I actually got an entry on my Flash guestbook where one said I seemed to be a workaholic. You’re right, I AM a workaholic. And I barely have time for myself. BUT, social work is worth it. If you guys have seen the happiness in the faces of the adults and kids I’ve met in the various areas, you’d know what I mean.

Anyway, after my graphic design talk for TheGUIDON, the Ateneo school paper (I was actually an editor there before), Marc and I met up with some of our friends who now work at OSCI and the National Anti-Poverty Comission to tell them of the proposal and ask for advise and all that. These guys were also with us in the organization called Kaingin who tutored kids every Saturday when we were in college. So there. What was supposed to be a meeting in McDonald’s ended up in a small bar in Katipunan. Hahaha. It’s been years since Marc and I had drinks with them, so I guess it’s ok… Well, if you don’t count the fact that Marc and I were too sleepy to do any work when we got home. Hahaha. It’s Balbie’s fault really, he kept refilling our shot glasses! D In fairness, that bar has good mixed drinks at a very affordable price. Damn… I don’t think I’ve had that kind of drink in almost two years! Hahaha I know, I know… I need to get a life! D Well, anyway, it was really nice to see our old friends. We’d probably do that soon again… As long they don’t make me sing! I can give a lecture, seminars, talks or whatever infront of hundreds of people, rich or poor, old or young… But I don’t think I’d have the guts to sing! Hahaha D

My dogs were particularly touchy when I got home… Hehehe. I’ve been gone a long time today, so that’s probably their way of showing me that they missed me. They were pissed, kept jumping at me and barking… But when they saw the bag of leftovers I brought them, they forgot that they were mad at me. Hahaha corrupt little creeps! D

We finally saw where Patatats was hiding with her pups… She and her babies where in the storage room. She has four furry babies. Anybody want one? D

Oh, by the way… We’re finally going to have broadband internet installed here, because at long last, a cable internet company finally included our street in its coverage area. The service guys will go here on Friday morning to do the installation… I can’t wait! This is definitely going to help make my work easier )

Anyway, that’s that… Till next time! )

A rare sappy entry

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Daily Dose

Do you sometimes feel like just pouring everything out in your blog but can’t due to the simple reason that you know a lot of people are reading it? I’m not saying that Kutitots is popular or anything of that vain stuff… Far from it actually. It’s just that I know who gets to read my blogs… Not the general public, mind you, but the ones who know me personally. As in, offline personally. Like relatives, for instance. Sometimes it’s just way too weird saying stuff here that I’m pretty sure my relatives will be able to read. And what’s even weirder is when they mention something about your personal site or blog when you see each other.

That’s probably one of the reasons why Marc and I don’t really do the usual sappy greetings online like some people do in their blogs (I think there are a lot of you bloggers out there who do that! Hahaha guilty! LOL). Marc’s really much more concerned about what his friends will say, not merely what my relatives who read my blogs and see my site. Obviously, he wouldn’t mind having them see how much he cares for me right? Well, it’s usually like that… You gotta have at least a good impression with the family that you’ll be marrying into some day. Anyway, as I said, he’s more concerned about his friends who will tease him… Or rather, WAS concerned about what his friends will say.

Marc really surprised me, you know. I would never have thought he’d do that. He left me a message on my Flash guestbook telling me that he loves me. I was sure it was him because we were in YM when he said that he left me a message there. I’m really very happy that he did that. Thank you, Marc, I really appreciate it. And I love you too. ) Some quarrels break people up, but some can make a relationship stronger. And I’m glad it was the latter.

Anyway, moving on before people reading this begin puking at my sappiness…

Let’s get on my favorite subject shall we? My dogs )

Kutonbol, one of my sister’s dogs, had her labor yesterday… It was sad actually. She only had one puppy, and it was dead. She still tries to feed it even if it was dead. She wouldn’t let us take away her pup to bury it in our garden cementery. She just wanted to keep it close (

Patatats, my mom’s favorite dog, might be having HER babies soon. Sheero still has a couple months of pregnancy before she has her labor.

Whew. We’re going to have so many moms and newborns here soon. Anyone want a pup? Adding another 8 or so dogs to our already 14 dogs will probably end up having our HUMAN family starving to death. LOL.


13 August 2005     •     Comments Off on Weekends
Family Stuff

I used to be one of those people who used to work during the weekends. I spent Mondays to Fridays working, and slave away the weekend as well… That was when I started to notice my creativity dwindling. It’s not really that surprising… I mean, who wouldn’t get drained with that kind of setup? I may be working freelance (in other words, during my own time), but my workload is making it seem that I’m working more than just one regular job. So that’s when I adopted this “no work on weekends” policy, for both my sake and my clients.

This policy has been easier to implement lately, since our company, SHEERO Media Solutions Group Inc. was officially incorporated. And it’s doing me and my work a hell lot good… I’ve been having less of those “creativity blocks”. So now it’s the weekend… Marc and I will probably have dinner out, or just hang around the house to save money. Or maybe we’ll just work on personal sites like this one. Hehe. (Yeah, yeah… I’ll finish the missing features on the Flash version soon! LOL). Regardless of what I’ll be doing… It’s still the weekend!!!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!! I’ll get to rest properly )

I’ll probably take Sheero for a walk if it’s not raining… I swear, I can’t seem to go out of the house lately without getting drenched. Anyway, I have no doubt Sheero is pregnant now. Her tummy is bigger than usual (no, it’s not the worms.), and her boobs are swollen. You know, I’m really contemplating on having Sheero get an abortion… Now, don’t go ethical on me. Ever since her babies last mating season, Sheero has been neglecting her puppies… And after a while of Sheero’s neglect, the pups died one by one. Not only that, but I also noticed that Sheero’s health diminished after she gave birth and during her pregnancy (which is happening now too). The vet advised me before to have Sheero abort the pups, but I guess I never really gave it much thought till now. Oh well. I think I’d better really think this through first.

I think Harry now thinks that he’s really a human, not a dog. He doesn’t sleep well if there’s no pillow under his head. That wouldn’t have been a problem, but it’s becoming extremely hard to go to bed with him kicking my neck when we’re sleeping (just because I’m occupying pillow space that is rightfully mine in the first place). Hehe. As Marc said, my little furry creatures think that my bed is their dog house, so I’m no longer the owner of it.

Choknat… Well, he’s still gay D

My colds just won’t go away!

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Daily Dose

I’ve been having these colds for almost two weeks now. I don’t think I have Dengue Fever, though. Hehe. I get fevers on and off. I was actually getting well already towards the end of last week… I supposed it worsened again when I attended the funeral of Auntie Fely last Sunday. Though the rain was mercifully light (well, better than usual I guess), a person with colds really shouldn’t be getting rained on. Oh well. It’s worth the sacrifice. Auntie Fely was like a mother to my dad, she’s worth it.

Don’t you get annoyed with colds sometimes? You’ll be emersed in something, then you’ll feel something drip from your nose. Worse, if you don’t have tissue paper on hand… You’ll have to breath in deeply in the hopes that the mucous will change its mind from showing itself to the person you’re talking to. Another thing I don’t like about this is the feeling of having my ears pop if I happen to deposit mucous too hard. Arggh… Oh well. I just keep telling myself it could get worse. My fevers are on and off, so I still manage to work (so that’s still a blessing!). I’m a bit too week to go out though, I get tired easily… Usually when I get home, that’s when fevers kick in.

Anyway, my dogs are feeling the rainy season too. They like cuddling up to me lately. They’re probably cold. I won’t be surprised if they get my virus one of these days.

I actually thought Sheero was already sick this morning when I was working after midnight. She looked unhappy and walked slowly. I freaked out, and thought that her pregnancy is going badly or something. But guess what? When Marc came around 530am after his work, he asked me to prepare him food. So I did… And my little Sheero-bee suddenly got hyper again! She was growling left and right at her sons when they tried to get a share of the left-overs she was given. Hehehe. Well, it was all an act! Darned dog.

By the way… Thank you all for the comments and messages you left in this blog version and the guestbook in the Flash version on the launching of version 6. Glad you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to read the Photo Story under the Stuff link! I really, really thought that one through. Hehehe. It wasn’t easy catching the dogs in certain poses, you know. Oh, and yeah… Do find time to answer the Kutitots poll too. )

Kutitots Version 6 officially up!

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Tech Things

Well, not exactly… I still haven’t finished the photo gallery and some useless new features, but hey, it’s already working ) Do check out the Flash version!

Dad’s birthday

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Family Stuff

Happy Birthday, Daddy! But you know, we spent it the weirdest way possible… Going to Lola Fely’s wake, then eating a simple dinner after. Can’t blame Dad though… Lola Fely was like a mom to him, so he really wanted to go there even if it was his birthday.

Really strange how things sometimes turn out. Oh well, I guess when people get older, they don’t really make a big deal over birthdays.

Sorry for the very short entry. I’m really tired. Just got back all the way from San Fernando, Pampangga (that’s where the wake is) and I haven’t had a shred of sleep since last night. The Flash version of this site is almost done, by the way. Please do standby for it, I have a lot of new things in store for you all.

Farewell, Auntie Fely

2 August 2005     •     Comments Off on Farewell, Auntie Fely
Family Stuff

Auntie Fely is now with Jesus. Please pray for her soul.

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