I think the last time I was back at the Ateneo campus was sometime in July. I had to give a talk on blogging for an old friend who’s an English teacher now in the college. And yesterday I went back there, to give another talk. Hehe. Seems like the only time I go there is when I’m giving talks… But that might change now.

One of the other reasons I went there was to meet up with some old friends who work at the Office of Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI). I’m spearheading this outreach project for Philweavers, this web designers and programmers community, so I had to meet up with them. To be honest, I’m really not happy with the community (there are a lot of people there who are, well, arrogant), and I’m not really counting on getting a 100% participation on this project. But no matter. I like doing this kind of thing. I’ve been a kindergarten tutor for an underpriveleged area called Kaingin Dos, facilitated some reflection sessions, and took freshmen to areas while I was in college as a part-time job. I think the reason why Naz turned that project over to me is because I’d do everything to see it through, even if help won’t come from the Philweavers community. I’ve been in areas and worked with NGOs to know that they would be extremely disappointed if they were promised something that didn’t push through. No matter what happens, these guys will get what was promised.

I know I’m extremely busy at the moment with projects. I actually got an entry on my Flash guestbook where one said I seemed to be a workaholic. You’re right, I AM a workaholic. And I barely have time for myself. BUT, social work is worth it. If you guys have seen the happiness in the faces of the adults and kids I’ve met in the various areas, you’d know what I mean.

Anyway, after my graphic design talk for TheGUIDON, the Ateneo school paper (I was actually an editor there before), Marc and I met up with some of our friends who now work at OSCI and the National Anti-Poverty Comission to tell them of the proposal and ask for advise and all that. These guys were also with us in the organization called Kaingin who tutored kids every Saturday when we were in college. So there. What was supposed to be a meeting in McDonald’s ended up in a small bar in Katipunan. Hahaha. It’s been years since Marc and I had drinks with them, so I guess it’s ok… Well, if you don’t count the fact that Marc and I were too sleepy to do any work when we got home. Hahaha. It’s Balbie’s fault really, he kept refilling our shot glasses! D In fairness, that bar has good mixed drinks at a very affordable price. Damn… I don’t think I’ve had that kind of drink in almost two years! Hahaha I know, I know… I need to get a life! D Well, anyway, it was really nice to see our old friends. We’d probably do that soon again… As long they don’t make me sing! I can give a lecture, seminars, talks or whatever infront of hundreds of people, rich or poor, old or young… But I don’t think I’d have the guts to sing! Hahaha D

My dogs were particularly touchy when I got home… Hehehe. I’ve been gone a long time today, so that’s probably their way of showing me that they missed me. They were pissed, kept jumping at me and barking… But when they saw the bag of leftovers I brought them, they forgot that they were mad at me. Hahaha corrupt little creeps! D

We finally saw where Patatats was hiding with her pups… She and her babies where in the storage room. She has four furry babies. Anybody want one? D

Oh, by the way… We’re finally going to have broadband internet installed here, because at long last, a cable internet company finally included our street in its coverage area. The service guys will go here on Friday morning to do the installation… I can’t wait! This is definitely going to help make my work easier )

Anyway, that’s that… Till next time! )