I’ve been having these colds for almost two weeks now. I don’t think I have Dengue Fever, though. Hehe. I get fevers on and off. I was actually getting well already towards the end of last week… I supposed it worsened again when I attended the funeral of Auntie Fely last Sunday. Though the rain was mercifully light (well, better than usual I guess), a person with colds really shouldn’t be getting rained on. Oh well. It’s worth the sacrifice. Auntie Fely was like a mother to my dad, she’s worth it.

Don’t you get annoyed with colds sometimes? You’ll be emersed in something, then you’ll feel something drip from your nose. Worse, if you don’t have tissue paper on hand… You’ll have to breath in deeply in the hopes that the mucous will change its mind from showing itself to the person you’re talking to. Another thing I don’t like about this is the feeling of having my ears pop if I happen to deposit mucous too hard. Arggh… Oh well. I just keep telling myself it could get worse. My fevers are on and off, so I still manage to work (so that’s still a blessing!). I’m a bit too week to go out though, I get tired easily… Usually when I get home, that’s when fevers kick in.

Anyway, my dogs are feeling the rainy season too. They like cuddling up to me lately. They’re probably cold. I won’t be surprised if they get my virus one of these days.

I actually thought Sheero was already sick this morning when I was working after midnight. She looked unhappy and walked slowly. I freaked out, and thought that her pregnancy is going badly or something. But guess what? When Marc came around 530am after his work, he asked me to prepare him food. So I did… And my little Sheero-bee suddenly got hyper again! She was growling left and right at her sons when they tried to get a share of the left-overs she was given. Hehehe. Well, it was all an act! Darned dog.

By the way… Thank you all for the comments and messages you left in this blog version and the guestbook in the Flash version on the launching of version 6. Glad you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to read the Photo Story under the Stuff link! I really, really thought that one through. Hehehe. It wasn’t easy catching the dogs in certain poses, you know. Oh, and yeah… Do find time to answer the Kutitots poll too. )