Not again, please!

30 September 2005     •     Comments Off on Not again, please!
Family Stuff

To my relatives here and abroad, family friends who cared, and my college friends who knew what we went through… I just thought you’d know this. Joyce had been ok for one year, but last week on the night of Mommy’s birthday, she started acting strange again. She didn’t sleep properly. Her insomnia went on for a few days, then last Tuesday Dad and I brought her to her psychiatrist. Even the doctor acknowledged that Joyce changed. Apparently, Joyce wasn’t ready for a decrease in dosage yet. Anyway, she increased it again. She told us to observe her reaction for some time and tell her if nothing’s changed because Joyce might be admitted again to the Metro Psych facility.

As of now, Joyce still laughs by herself for no reason. But at least now she gets to sleep. Not properly, but she sleeps.

Dad and I are expecting the worse case scenario, and that is having to admit her again to the facility. That would be another huge expense. So now we are really, seriously trying to sell our land property here in Blue Ridge. 21.5 Million for 797sqm, residential/commercial property with a bank structure located near Santolan-Libis intersection. For anybody interested, please use the contact form on the Flash version of this site.

To be honest, it’s really not the financial thing that frustrates me in this situation. It’s my MOM. She had a major stroke last February due to the simple reason that she didn’t want to stop smoking (it’s the Smoker’s Cough that triggered the stroke), and hasn’t been the same since. Guess what? She’s actually JEALOUS of the attention Dad is giving my sister. It’s actually lucky that Dad and I haven’t lost our marbles yet… Can you just imagine the entire family going nuts? Well, we’ll definitely have to pay our household help more if that happened. P

Ok… Before Dad and I start receiving email containing sermons that we should not joke about this and that we should look at this seriously, please spare us! Laughter is the only thing that is keeping our mind intact. Imagine having to go through the day hearing Mom cry at the top of her lungs and Joyce laugh incessantly at the top of HER lungs… That’s enough to drive anybody mad. I work at home, so you can just imagine what I have to put up with while designing sites. It’s actually lucky that I get to channel this frustration into creativity, or I’d probably go mad myself. Dad and I just joke about this, you know. Because if we don’t and kept on telling ourselves that we’re so depressed and all that crap, we would definitely go insane. So please, please let us have a laugh over it. Laughter is the only thing that’s keeping us sane, and preventing us from feeling helpless.

Enough about that.

Sheero has an extended family now… Mommy didn’t like having Patatats’ puppies there with her, so Patatats’ four babies were transferred to my computer room, where Sheero and her family is. Now, there are seven puppies running around, squealing, growling, and playing in the computer room. Whoever goes here have to thread carefully, or they’ll step on a pup. Sheero’s not happy about it, she’s now feeding seven pups instead of just three. Anyway, these pups can eat soft rice already, so they don’t really drain Sheero that much. She just gets pissed when they swarm all over her. Patatats sometimes visit her puppies too (when Sheero isn’t around to snarl at her), and that takes some load off Sheero.

When Sheero is on my bed, Choknat takes over the “mommy role.” This gay dog actually gets mad at his brother when Harry tries to get near… Well, I can’t blame him for getting pissed… Harry considers the pups his new “toys” and plays with them while doing his wild dog thing. Nonetheless, Choknat’s maternal instincts are still weird. He’s supposed to be a male dog (he has a male thingie, for crying out loud!), and that is very, very, very weird. I still can’t get over it sometimes. LOL.

By the way, I added new photos in the Flash version of this site… Check them out and see our new puppies!

Mouse injury, Meiji addiction

23 September 2005     •     1 Comment
Family Stuff

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. Not because I don’t want to, but because I COULDN’T. I am currently nursing a right hand from Carpal Tunnel… Ugh. That’s one of the downsides of working as web designer for a living. The hand being used for the mouse gets screwed up. I’m telling, it’s not easy working with your hand all bandaged up and aches if used too long. I had to rest it every now and then so it won’t get any complications (Paul, our Head Programmer, told me that I might need to have it operated on if there were complications). Well, having a hand operation is enough to scare me, so I rested my hand whenever I felt some pain. I can’t just abandon all the work I need to do, but I can’t lose my right hand either )

I have a new addiction: Meiji! If you don’t know what Meiji is, it’s a chocolate bar here (cheaper than your Cadburry and Hershey’s) imported from Japan. I think I started getting addicted to Japanese chocolates when Paul brought home some for me and Marc when he got back from Tokyo. Marc doesn’t want to admit it, but I think he’s addicted to Meiji too! I’d ask him to buy me 2 bars of Meiji from 7/11, but when he gets here, all I end up with is one bar. Where did the other one go? Where else? Marc’s stomach D

Thank goodness I’m not a dog, or I won’t be able to taste this yummy Meiji chocolate! I know that most of you who read my blogs own dogs, or at least like them. In case you don’t know yet, chocolates are bad for dogs. Seriously. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG CHOCOLATES! Very dangerous for them. If they accidentally eat some, make them vomit it. Or better yet, take them to the vet ASAP.

Speaking of dogs… Marc and I brought home leftovers from our steak dinner last night. Nothing fancy really. We just ate at this cool steak place in Libis. I forgot the name of the place, but the grill is located at the corner of the Club Six-Fifty parking lot. The place isn’t classy, but the steak is good and very affordable. Choknat and Sheero were able to get dibs on our leftover bones (from Prime Rib and Porterhouse steaks), but Harry wasn’t. Choknat stole Harry’s share even before I got to cut up one of the bones. Poor Harry just cuddled beside me and watched Sheero and Choknat munch on their bones. He only cheered up when I gave him a piece of loaf bread, his all-time favorite, the bread he goes nuts over. Weird dog, really. Loaf bread drives him mad. D

Well that’s it for now. My hand is beginning to hurt again. Gotta go rest it before I totally lose my hand! D

Growling Tiger, Hidden Faggot

16 September 2005     •     Comments Off on Growling Tiger, Hidden Faggot
Family Stuff

Ok, that title is totally lame… But that’s the “new move” that Choknat is practicing on Marc lately. Want to know what that is? Read on, and I’ll describe the cool Kung-Fu move in detail!

Growling Tiger: Choknat will sit beside Gail or Daddy, seemingly fearless, and growls at Marc like a brave, brave tiger. He will bark like mad, trying to scare the Marc away… But if the Marc doesn’t get scared with the Growling Tiger move…

Choknat uses Hidden Faggot!

Hidden Faggot: I think that’s a bit self-explanatory… The faggot becomes hidden, in other words, the Choknat hides. Choknat is a gay dog, remember? Although it seems politically correct to say, “gay”, it doesn’t sound well when used in the phrase, “Growling Tiger, Hidden Faggot!” Hidden “gay” doesn’t sound as rhythmic as “Hidden Faggot”.

So there you have it. A little Chinese kung-fu move for my little gay dog!

This entry really isn’t making any sense… I’ll stop now, before I embarass myself further D Have a nice weekend everyone!

The Goblet of Fire trailer!

15 September 2005     •     Comments Off on The Goblet of Fire trailer!
Daily Dose

OMG!!! The second trailer of Goblet of Fire is out. I’ve just finished downloading the trailer through Mugglenet.Com… Sheez, I’m already on broadband and it took so long for it to finish downloading. I guess a lot of people wanted to see the trailer too!

You probably won’t understand my excitement unless you’re a Harry Potter fan as well… But I really, really can’t wait for this movie. I probably won’t stay up all night until the opening the night before (admittedly I did something like this when the Half-Blood Prince book was out, I was pacing around all night and bugging Marc in my excitement), but I will definitely declare another “Harry Potter Day”. Seriously, I did something like that for the Half-Blood Prince. hehehe I sent an email to my colleagues and told them not to bother me for the entire day that I’ll be reading the Half-Blood Prince.

I HAVE to watch this movie. I’m not being just weird or anything, but I am just a really big fan of this book series. Seeing JK Rowling’s characters come to life in the movie screen is just exhiliarating. Freaky? Well, if you’ve read the books like every other 3 days, you’ll know what I mean. Hehehe. Yeah, I do that. I read my Harry Potter books every other 3 days, or even every day, depending on my mood. I don’t know about you, but reading Harry Potter relaxes me and helps me whenever I have a sudden “creativity block”. There’s something about these series that helps me unwind, and bring back the creativity that sometimes get suppressed by stress or the pressure of deadlines.

Anyway, enough about that. I’m sounding like an obsessed fan already. Hehehe D

Disneyland dreams

11 September 2005     •     Comments Off on Disneyland dreams
Daily Dose

I saw this feature in the Disney Channel (Yes, that is one of my favorite channels) about Disneyland Hongkong. I soooooooo want to go!!! The rides look so much fun, and they said they even have stuff there that can’t be found in other Disneylands. Marc and I have been planning to have our honeymoon after we get married in the States, or even Europe, but now I think I may want to go somewhere near. Hongkong wasn’t one of our original options due to the simple reason that I’ve already been there before… But they didn’t have Disneyland when I went there with my grandma years ago. )

I’ve tried to back up all my data this weekend using CDROM disks. Darn. I used up almost more than half of the CD spindle I bought. I never knew my files had already reached up to 10GB… And those are just work-related files, no personal data whatsoever. Anyway, Marc and I got a powersupply and a SATA drive yesterday. It seems to be more practical to just store it in another drive as backup than waste a LOT of CDs.

Anyway, Harry has been in a funk lately. Yesterday, when I was working on my computer doing the backup thing, Harry came running to me immediately followed by my sister. Joyce said that Harry has been annoying her dog Whitey. Harry just looked at her, hurt, while under in the corner of my desk. Anyway, Joyce really got pissed at him for his dramatics so she left. Harry must have felt guilty. When my sister came back to give me the coffee she made for me, Harry went out of his hiding place, jumped at her and started cuddling up to her. Well, I guess that’s his way of saying sorry!

It’s funny how dogs can be so full of drama, don’t you think? I’ve always been one to believe that animals have their own personalities, and this really shows on my dogs.

Oh, speaking of dog personalities… I think I really just have to accept the fact that Choknat is gay. It’s just so abnormal… All of our male dogs here don’t care about Sheero’s or Patatats’ puppies, but Choknat does. He even goes to the point of taking Sheero’s pups from her nest and “cleaning” them up. Sometimes we even catch him IN the nest, lying down like a mommy dog feeding her pups. I’ve been thinking of writing to the Animal Planet or something, but I guess I know the answer already. There’s no denying it, my dog is gay.

Sheero on the other hand… Well, when I really think about it, she doesn’t seem to be a bad mom as my sister and I think at all. She’s just torn between her duty as a mommy dog and as my companion. When her babies are sleeping, Sheero would go where I am, and sleep beside me. If she hears her babies cry, she’d immediately run back to her nest… So my Sheero is still a good mommy dog, after all. )

They lied to me!

6 September 2005     •     Comments Off on They lied to me!
Family Stuff

I’m hurt. I’ve been hoodwinked… by my dogs! D

These little critters are such lying squirts. I slept around 3pm today until 9pm, and all along I thought that my dogs were beside me the whole time. I woke up finding all three of my dogs (yep, including Sheero the nursing mommy dog) asleep beside me. They seemed to be in the deepest of sleep, with paws up in the air. I was touched.

Before I could gloat about how “loyal” my dogs were, my sister told me that they have been hanging out with her and our parents at the family room the whole time I’ve been sleeping. They’ve only left them around a few minutes before I woke up!

Can you believe that???? My dogs actually lied to me and made me think they’ve been with me all the time! Anyway, for their play-acting efforts… I think I’ll forgive them. Hehehe )

About the Kutitots Flash version… I’ll be uploading next week the poll for this month. Do enjoy the results of last August while it last, because I have another one in store for you. Hehehe. Oh, by the way, if you’ve answered the Kutitots quiz, do take time to email me your results at kutitots (at) gmail (dot) com. It would be nice to know how people faired in that little time-waster D

Oh, by the way, I finally have my broadband connection. At long last! The cable people installed it last Friday morning. I’m still getting used to the fast transfer rate in terms of upload and download… I’ve been stuck with dial-up for so long and had to endure working with such a slow connection that I still get surprised when the files I’m uploading get transferred immediately. I’m also able to use that cool Yahoo feature, the Launchcast Radio thingie while I work! )

That’s it for now. I’ve been staying mostly at home working, so not much to tell!

Site updates and then some

2 September 2005     •     Comments Off on Site updates and then some
Daily Dose

At long freaking last, I’m FINALLY finished all parts of this site. Not the blog portion, DUH. I meant the Flash version. Oh by the way, if you’ve noticed… I also interchanged the entry buttons on the welcome page of Kutitots, as well as edited the text a bit. Well, anyway, to see the changes I’ve made, do visit the Flash version. I also included some nifty stuff you can download there.

I bought a new computer chair today. Marc calls it my “executive chair,” due to the fact that it’s made out of leather and has a high back. I also got a little corkboard where I can still my bills-to-pay and remember to pay them, and some office supplies for our company. Oh, and I bought a mouse pad with a hand rest too. It’s a real comfort, I’ll tell you that, especially since I spend practically all of my waking hours (and the hours I should have spent sleeping) working on my computer. I would have also bought those rechargeable batteries and charger for my wireless mouse if Marc didn’t stop me.

I didn’t really spend too much on this new stuff as compared to the investment I’ve made for my LCD monitor. Shoot, I can still remember how difficult it was to accept that I was poorer because of that. Hehehe. Anyway, I’m just spending on these office things for one reason: I feel finally, finally feel free to work 100% on our start-up company.

Why the sudden liberated feeling, you may ask. Well, let’s just say I’ve finally detached myself from a person pulling me down, and has abused my (as well as Marc and the rest of our team’s) patience. Just think of it this way, you already let the guy pay you very, very low rates (way below the industry’s standard) and still he treats you like crap. You then speak up, speak up in a very professional manner in order to give an honest feedback, and he’d go on and tell you things like you should stick to designing because you don’t know crap about business like he does. Now really, was that professional? Oh, and yeah… After calling you names and telling you that you don’t know or understand anything, he wouldn’t even bother to apologize (even in a formal way) for his rudeness.

It’s really sad, very sad to know that our other clients and partners who don’t have a shred of Filipino blood in them treat us better and with respect. I’ve been seeing this mentality a little too often lately… If we continue like this, Filipinos might be able to earn the right to reserve the patent for crab mentality! Seriously though… Just turn on the TV and you’ll see the “drama” in Congress. Nice… It’s really interesting to watch a roomful of crabs pulling each other down.

I think I’ll stop now before I get myself pissed off all over again. )

On a lighter note… Sheero had her babies last Wednesday, the 31st of August. She had three cute multi-colored puppies.

Sheero had me transfer her pups to a corner in my computer room. She kept hanging out at this certain part of the room, leaving her pups unattended. And they were just a day old then! Apparently, she wanted to be near me. Hehe. I don’t think she liked the idea of Harry and Choknat hanging out with me without her. Now, since she’s near, she can hang out near me when her pups are sleeping. When she hears them cry, she’ll attend to them. Cute, huh?

Choknat’s maternal instincts are acting up again. Yes, Choknat is a male dog, therefore, he’s gay. He’s trying to get to Sheero’s pups (probably he’s going to try to “breastfeed” them again), but so far, he’s been unsuccessful. Sheero may be very sociable, but she’s also keeping watch on Choknat the Gay.

Harry… Well, he’s still a sweet dog, as always.

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