To my relatives here and abroad, family friends who cared, and my college friends who knew what we went through… I just thought you’d know this. Joyce had been ok for one year, but last week on the night of Mommy’s birthday, she started acting strange again. She didn’t sleep properly. Her insomnia went on for a few days, then last Tuesday Dad and I brought her to her psychiatrist. Even the doctor acknowledged that Joyce changed. Apparently, Joyce wasn’t ready for a decrease in dosage yet. Anyway, she increased it again. She told us to observe her reaction for some time and tell her if nothing’s changed because Joyce might be admitted again to the Metro Psych facility.

As of now, Joyce still laughs by herself for no reason. But at least now she gets to sleep. Not properly, but she sleeps.

Dad and I are expecting the worse case scenario, and that is having to admit her again to the facility. That would be another huge expense. So now we are really, seriously trying to sell our land property here in Blue Ridge. 21.5 Million for 797sqm, residential/commercial property with a bank structure located near Santolan-Libis intersection. For anybody interested, please use the contact form on the Flash version of this site.

To be honest, it’s really not the financial thing that frustrates me in this situation. It’s my MOM. She had a major stroke last February due to the simple reason that she didn’t want to stop smoking (it’s the Smoker’s Cough that triggered the stroke), and hasn’t been the same since. Guess what? She’s actually JEALOUS of the attention Dad is giving my sister. It’s actually lucky that Dad and I haven’t lost our marbles yet… Can you just imagine the entire family going nuts? Well, we’ll definitely have to pay our household help more if that happened. P

Ok… Before Dad and I start receiving email containing sermons that we should not joke about this and that we should look at this seriously, please spare us! Laughter is the only thing that is keeping our mind intact. Imagine having to go through the day hearing Mom cry at the top of her lungs and Joyce laugh incessantly at the top of HER lungs… That’s enough to drive anybody mad. I work at home, so you can just imagine what I have to put up with while designing sites. It’s actually lucky that I get to channel this frustration into creativity, or I’d probably go mad myself. Dad and I just joke about this, you know. Because if we don’t and kept on telling ourselves that we’re so depressed and all that crap, we would definitely go insane. So please, please let us have a laugh over it. Laughter is the only thing that’s keeping us sane, and preventing us from feeling helpless.

Enough about that.

Sheero has an extended family now… Mommy didn’t like having Patatats’ puppies there with her, so Patatats’ four babies were transferred to my computer room, where Sheero and her family is. Now, there are seven puppies running around, squealing, growling, and playing in the computer room. Whoever goes here have to thread carefully, or they’ll step on a pup. Sheero’s not happy about it, she’s now feeding seven pups instead of just three. Anyway, these pups can eat soft rice already, so they don’t really drain Sheero that much. She just gets pissed when they swarm all over her. Patatats sometimes visit her puppies too (when Sheero isn’t around to snarl at her), and that takes some load off Sheero.

When Sheero is on my bed, Choknat takes over the “mommy role.” This gay dog actually gets mad at his brother when Harry tries to get near… Well, I can’t blame him for getting pissed… Harry considers the pups his new “toys” and plays with them while doing his wild dog thing. Nonetheless, Choknat’s maternal instincts are still weird. He’s supposed to be a male dog (he has a male thingie, for crying out loud!), and that is very, very, very weird. I still can’t get over it sometimes. LOL.

By the way, I added new photos in the Flash version of this site… Check them out and see our new puppies!