At long freaking last, I’m FINALLY finished all parts of this site. Not the blog portion, DUH. I meant the Flash version. Oh by the way, if you’ve noticed… I also interchanged the entry buttons on the welcome page of Kutitots, as well as edited the text a bit. Well, anyway, to see the changes I’ve made, do visit the Flash version. I also included some nifty stuff you can download there.

I bought a new computer chair today. Marc calls it my “executive chair,” due to the fact that it’s made out of leather and has a high back. I also got a little corkboard where I can still my bills-to-pay and remember to pay them, and some office supplies for our company. Oh, and I bought a mouse pad with a hand rest too. It’s a real comfort, I’ll tell you that, especially since I spend practically all of my waking hours (and the hours I should have spent sleeping) working on my computer. I would have also bought those rechargeable batteries and charger for my wireless mouse if Marc didn’t stop me.

I didn’t really spend too much on this new stuff as compared to the investment I’ve made for my LCD monitor. Shoot, I can still remember how difficult it was to accept that I was poorer because of that. Hehehe. Anyway, I’m just spending on these office things for one reason: I feel finally, finally feel free to work 100% on our start-up company.

Why the sudden liberated feeling, you may ask. Well, let’s just say I’ve finally detached myself from a person pulling me down, and has abused my (as well as Marc and the rest of our team’s) patience. Just think of it this way, you already let the guy pay you very, very low rates (way below the industry’s standard) and still he treats you like crap. You then speak up, speak up in a very professional manner in order to give an honest feedback, and he’d go on and tell you things like you should stick to designing because you don’t know crap about business like he does. Now really, was that professional? Oh, and yeah… After calling you names and telling you that you don’t know or understand anything, he wouldn’t even bother to apologize (even in a formal way) for his rudeness.

It’s really sad, very sad to know that our other clients and partners who don’t have a shred of Filipino blood in them treat us better and with respect. I’ve been seeing this mentality a little too often lately… If we continue like this, Filipinos might be able to earn the right to reserve the patent for crab mentality! Seriously though… Just turn on the TV and you’ll see the “drama” in Congress. Nice… It’s really interesting to watch a roomful of crabs pulling each other down.

I think I’ll stop now before I get myself pissed off all over again. )

On a lighter note… Sheero had her babies last Wednesday, the 31st of August. She had three cute multi-colored puppies.

Sheero had me transfer her pups to a corner in my computer room. She kept hanging out at this certain part of the room, leaving her pups unattended. And they were just a day old then! Apparently, she wanted to be near me. Hehe. I don’t think she liked the idea of Harry and Choknat hanging out with me without her. Now, since she’s near, she can hang out near me when her pups are sleeping. When she hears them cry, she’ll attend to them. Cute, huh?

Choknat’s maternal instincts are acting up again. Yes, Choknat is a male dog, therefore, he’s gay. He’s trying to get to Sheero’s pups (probably he’s going to try to “breastfeed” them again), but so far, he’s been unsuccessful. Sheero may be very sociable, but she’s also keeping watch on Choknat the Gay.

Harry… Well, he’s still a sweet dog, as always.