OMG!!! The second trailer of Goblet of Fire is out. I’ve just finished downloading the trailer through Mugglenet.Com… Sheez, I’m already on broadband and it took so long for it to finish downloading. I guess a lot of people wanted to see the trailer too!

You probably won’t understand my excitement unless you’re a Harry Potter fan as well… But I really, really can’t wait for this movie. I probably won’t stay up all night until the opening the night before (admittedly I did something like this when the Half-Blood Prince book was out, I was pacing around all night and bugging Marc in my excitement), but I will definitely declare another “Harry Potter Day”. Seriously, I did something like that for the Half-Blood Prince. hehehe I sent an email to my colleagues and told them not to bother me for the entire day that I’ll be reading the Half-Blood Prince.

I HAVE to watch this movie. I’m not being just weird or anything, but I am just a really big fan of this book series. Seeing JK Rowling’s characters come to life in the movie screen is just exhiliarating. Freaky? Well, if you’ve read the books like every other 3 days, you’ll know what I mean. Hehehe. Yeah, I do that. I read my Harry Potter books every other 3 days, or even every day, depending on my mood. I don’t know about you, but reading Harry Potter relaxes me and helps me whenever I have a sudden “creativity block”. There’s something about these series that helps me unwind, and bring back the creativity that sometimes get suppressed by stress or the pressure of deadlines.

Anyway, enough about that. I’m sounding like an obsessed fan already. Hehehe D