I’m hurt. I’ve been hoodwinked… by my dogs! D

These little critters are such lying squirts. I slept around 3pm today until 9pm, and all along I thought that my dogs were beside me the whole time. I woke up finding all three of my dogs (yep, including Sheero the nursing mommy dog) asleep beside me. They seemed to be in the deepest of sleep, with paws up in the air. I was touched.

Before I could gloat about how “loyal” my dogs were, my sister told me that they have been hanging out with her and our parents at the family room the whole time I’ve been sleeping. They’ve only left them around a few minutes before I woke up!

Can you believe that???? My dogs actually lied to me and made me think they’ve been with me all the time! Anyway, for their play-acting efforts… I think I’ll forgive them. Hehehe )

About the Kutitots Flash version… I’ll be uploading next week the poll for this month. Do enjoy the results of last August while it last, because I have another one in store for you. Hehehe. Oh, by the way, if you’ve answered the Kutitots quiz, do take time to email me your results at kutitots (at) gmail (dot) com. It would be nice to know how people faired in that little time-waster D

Oh, by the way, I finally have my broadband connection. At long last! The cable people installed it last Friday morning. I’m still getting used to the fast transfer rate in terms of upload and download… I’ve been stuck with dial-up for so long and had to endure working with such a slow connection that I still get surprised when the files I’m uploading get transferred immediately. I’m also able to use that cool Yahoo feature, the Launchcast Radio thingie while I work! )

That’s it for now. I’ve been staying mostly at home working, so not much to tell!