I thought I’d start off this entry in a different way…

This doesn’t go in a particular order… Some of the people and stuff I’m grateful for.

  • I lived to be 24 this October
    I’m broke, but at least I’m going to live to see my 24th birthday, which is this coming Saturday, October 8.
  • I’m still sane
    With the crap we’re going through, I’m thankful that my Dad and I haven’t cracked yet.
  • The 8th Philippine Web Awards
    Kutitots got in the semis. Of course, I told my Mom and Dad about it. The news gave them a reason to smile even if we’re going through hard times.
  • Encouraging emails and comments from people who read my blog
    Yes, I’m very thankful. Thank you, guys. Your messages meant a lot ) Thank you for your prayers too. My sister is slowly getting better again. We might not need to admit her in the Metro Psych facility.
  • My job
    Although my job and the business I helped put up are quite demanding, they pay our bills. Not everybody has a job/business, and I’m glad to have both.
  • My pets
    I have a spoiled brat (Sheero), a gay (Choknat), and a retard (Harry) for pet dogs, I’m glad that they help cheer me up when I’m not feeling my best. They cuddle up to me or simply sleep beside me… I appreciate the company, as well as the company of 7 little pups who have claimed the space below my desk as their refuge. Of course, I’m also grateful for the 11 other dogs, even if they’re not mine, they help my sister, Dad, and Mom be happy.
  • My family
    They have always supported me in all my endeavors: my art ever since I’ve learned to pick up a crayon, sports in grade school and high school, computer addiction and extra-curricular activities in college, and now my job and business. I’m also thankful because they’re my family, in good times and in bad.
  • My Marc
    I am very thankful for my best friend who is willing to spend the rest of his life with me, who puts up with all my quirks and temper tantrums, who helps me to the point of sometimes having to take over when I’m too tired to work, and who loves me no matter how evil I can be sometimes, loving me as I am.

In case you’re wondering… No, this isn’t one of those forwarded messages you get in emails. I honestly don’t read those things. I don’t know what came over me, but I just really felt like making a “thankful” entry.

Oh and yeah… I almost forgot. Please vote for Kutitots for the People’s Choice Awards in the Personal Category. Text WEBBYS VOTE 85 to 2973 for Globe and Touchmobile subscribers or 283 for Smart or Talk & Text. That’s only Php2.50 per text . Pleasssssseeeeeeee! Hehe )