Sorry I haven’t been updating this blog guys! I’ve been sick the past week, and now I think my video card is sick too. Not to mention my Yahoo Messenger (I swear, it’s freaking out on me!). These cumulative PC issues have been making it difficult for me to work properly this week. It’s a good thing I’ve already made it a habit to press CTRL+S (shortcut for Save), or I’d probably have to re-do a lot of designs and animations. My computer hangs just when I’m beginning to be really into my work. Now how annoying is that?

I went to the World’s Longest Buffet, and it made me feel even sicker than I already was. I think Eastwood City underestimated the hungry people too much. Marc and I spent Php350 each for tiny cheesecakes, dry pasta (ugh!), and a few pieces of Kikiam (for crying out loud, I can buy those in UP for only 10 bucks!). That 350 ticket was so not worth it. It’s a rip-off!!! I had a feeling that the place would be full of people, but I wanted to be part of that “record-breaking” crap so we went. Well, it was record-breaking all right… A record-breaking rip-off, a record-breaking long WAIT, and a record-breaking waste of money.

A good thing happened during the week though. Dad and I decided to surrender my insurance and Joyce’s. It earned a sizeable amount, enough for us to pay for bills and medicinal expenses till probably January. I won’t be totally uninsured though… Those insurance plans that we surrendered had my mom and dad as beneficiaries. Dad and I thought it would be better if I got a different insurance policy, and have Joyce as my beneficiary this time. Anyway, Dad lent me some cash so I could upgrade my PC. ) Not to brag or anything, my system is pretty high-end already as compared to regular home PCs, but it’s still lagging behind for the type of usage I’m putting it through, particularly, my job. My PC is on practically the whole day everyday, and I won’t be surprised if it was overheating that is causing my video card problem.

Oh by the way… I got mad at Choknat a few days ago. I bought a do-it-yourself hot oil treatment for my hair, and it required me to wear a shower cap while it sets. Would you believe Choknat didn’t recognize me?! I was working on my PC with the cap on, and Choknat was actually GROWLING at me (like he does at Marc) while sitting on MY bed (the ungrateful prick!). I told him to shut up, but he just kept on growling for a few minutes until he realized that it WAS me under the cap. Do you know what he did? He got up from the bed and gave me a doggy sorry ) He stood on his hind legs, placed his front paws on my thigh, and gave me doggy kisses on the side of my face (eww). See? I have a sweet dog. He’s a gay dog, that’s for sure, but he’s still sweet.

Sheero and Harry, on the other hand, are battling it out for the position of sleeping on the left side of my pillow. Choknat’s content on sleeping by my feet, but these two just can’t sleep properly if they don’t have a pillow under their heads. The little spoiled brats! D

Anyway, I’ve updated the poll (finally). Sorry it’s a bit late… But then again, better late than never, right? ) Oh, by the way, do check out my favorite doggies on Dogster.Com! I’ve recently updated Harry, Choknat, and Sheero’s pages.