Double standard is crap

30 November 2005     •     Comments Off on Double standard is crap
Daily Dose

I really hate this so-called “double standard” that exists between men and women. Yes, my friends, regardless of countless protests women made in the past, it still exists.

I strongly believe in equality, knowing fully well that I can be as smart as any regular Joe out there. I can be as capable. I can be as skilled. And I really, really hate it whenever “some men” think that they can do something I SHOULDN’T do.

Take relationships for instance (yes, it all boils down to that). Men are “allowed” to oggle at barely-clad women. They feel it’s “normal,” it’s “nothing.” But when WE women do that to barely-clad men, it’s considered TABOO. When you do that, they are ALLOWED to get mad at you. But if THEY do that, you are supposed to keep your mouth shut. Regardless of the fact that you feel women shouldn’t be used that way, like some kind of “playthings.” I’m a woman too, and WE SHOULD BE RESPECTED.

Yes, I will keep my mouth shut. So shut that this PERSON would think twice before doing that again.

Bitten by the Adsense bug

29 November 2005     •     Comments Off on Bitten by the Adsense bug
Tech Things

Yeah, I know. I’m so behind! To be totally honest, I never really thought that Google Adsense is a potential money-making scheme. I don’t really know why, but I just never considered it.


Anyway, to keep the long story short, I finally decided to make the most out of my hits. I know I should have done that a year ago, but hey, no use crying over spilled milk. I think I MIGHT cry if I knew how much I should have been earning by now from this blog if only I decided to participate in the Adsense program sooner

Take a look at the screenshot I made of a Google ad on my blog’s homepage… “Tapeworm Tablets.” D How interesting.

Help Kutitots by clicking on the Google ads if something there interests you. I would really appreciate it!

New holiday layout!

29 November 2005     •     Comments Off on New holiday layout!
Tech Things

I thought it would be nice to change the layout in time for the Christmas season. I’ve actually been working on this for quite some time now (I’ve been practicing my CSS skills), and I haven’t really been allowed to change the layout during the PWA period. Since that’s done, here you go!

Before anybody complains… Yes, there ARE still unfinished parts of this layout. The tagboard still sports the CSS for the Yin and Yang layout, and the entries aren’t categorized yet. And please don’t be hurt if you can’t see your link on my Linkage page, I still haven’t finished migrating them from my Flash version.

If you’re wondering whether or not I’ll be taking down the Flash site… No, I’m not. Making that was a real pain in the arse. I just thought that since I update my blog more (actually, I RARELY update the Flash site’s content), it might be better if this was the “main show.” The Flash site will just be an archive. Besides, I have big plans for this blog. Just stay tuned! I don’t want to say anything about it yet, because I might change my mind in the middle of it.

Anyway, I’ve tested this layout in both Mozilla and Internet Explorer. I’m still too lazy to download Opera for now, so if that’s what you’re using and there happens to be a bug in my CSS, please do tell me. I also haven’t tested it in Safari, I don’t have a Mac. Oh, how I wish I did!

By the way… I’ve been planning to redirect my domain name,, straight to this blog. Does anybody know how to do that? Any help will be much appreciated! I’m really not a programmer, you know. )

Happy Anniversary, hon!

27 November 2005     •     Comments Off on Happy Anniversary, hon!
Family Stuff

Thanks for the wonderful 3 years! You really are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you! )


26 November 2005     •     1 Comment
Tech Things

Kutitots didn’t get the Best Web Site award for Personal Category, but this guy did. A lot of eyebrows have been raised with the decision, but guys, cut him some slack D As early as this morning I’ve been getting emails about it… Thank you guys, I very much appreciate the support. But really, you don’t need to ruin your mornings over it. ) We did good (yes, I’m including you guys. Without your support, Kutitots won’t be here), and we know we did good—we can sleep soundly at night knowing we did our best.

The emails I’ve been getting from people who support Kutitots (especially the idnignant ones, teehee) make me feel like I’ve won. Thank you again. Now I can understand how Harry felt in the book version after the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, when he and Ron became friends again and Ron reacted furiously at Karkaroff’s biased scoring on Harry’s behalf:

“But Harry didn’t care, he wouldn’t have cared if Karkaroff had given him zero; Ron’s indignation on his behalf was worth about a hundred points to him…” (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, page 360, American Edition)

I can’t thank you enough guys! ) It would have been great if I got the 10k cash prize (it would have made paying bills easier! LOL), but that’s ok. Your show of support is more than enough for me. )

There is something I AM pissed about, and this time, I would like to be bold enough to ask for your support again. I felt really insulted, not to mention, humiliated: Kutitots wasn’t even mentioned as a finalist when the presentors were giving the rundown of nominees. They were about to show the screenshot of my site, then suddenly, it was minimized. I was expecting that the presentors would AT LEAST say the site’s name, but no. They didn’t even acknowledge it. If it was indeed a technical difficulty, they should have at least apologized that there are technical difficulties and Kutitots is also one of the finalists. But they didn’t. It was as if they suddenly changed their minds that Kutitots is a finalist. What’s so difficult in saying, “Sorry, we are having problems with our presentation. However, Kutitots is also one of the finalists” ? That would only take a few seconds.

Marc and my friends have all advised me to raise this concern to the PWA committee. And yes, I definitely will. If anybody out there knows the contact email of the PWA chairman, I would really appreciate it if you tell me. As Errol puts it, PWA should treat their nominees with respect, and what they did was really uncalled for. An acknowledgement would have been enough, but no. They didn’t even bother.

I was insulted and pushed to the side just like that. We all know that politicking is rampant in the Philippines, but that was ridiculous, not to mention extremely insulting. That was actually the main thing that irked me at that night’s events. Who would want to humiliated that way, anyway? Ok, so maybe there was technical difficulties… So I should have just sat there and make it seem that my site isn’t an official finalist? No way. My site’s name may have been in their program and their site, but, in my opinion, having it mentioned as a finalist in the Awards night itself gives it more formality. It’s different. So you can imagine how I felt when they didn’t even mention my site.

I guess the only highlight of the event (for me, at least), was being able to meet the people behind the sites. Ella’s my friend, but we rarely see each other (I think the last time I saw her was last December). She had been telling me about her luvie, Aram, even before they got together, but I have never met him until last night. FINALLY! Hehehe. Sorry girl! I totally forgot your gift again. HEHEHE D Looks like I’ll be giving you two gifts this Christmas!!! LOL

I was finally able to see Bel last night again too. Haha. Last time I saw her was with Ella last December as well, and that was MEMORABLE. At least this time when I met Bel, Marc’s car didn’t get hit by a brand-new Jaguar (seriously). Well, since we haven’t seen each other for a while, we probably spent more time chatting than actually watching the program. Marc was sitting between us before the program started, but eventually switched places with me ‘coz I think he found the chit-chat around him distracting D Lakas kasi ng boses mo, Bel! Wehehehe.

I saw old faces, but saw new ones as well. Finally met Jeff, who had this uncanny resemblance with the guy beside him (sorry, I forgot the name). I thought they were brothers LOL. I also met Doc Ronibats, Aaron, and Boom with his girlfriend. I really had no idea Marc and I were already sitting beside Aaron and Boom outside the theater if they didn’t recognize me. I’m really horrible matching faces with names (always been my problem). Roni came shortly after that. Harhar. Again, it wasn’t me who recognized him (I REALY got to do something about this abysmal memory of mine ahaha). Anyway, Marc and I sat with them on the same row during the program. It was really nice talking to them. ) EB tayo ulit! Hehe.

Anyway, that’s that. Oh, and yeah… I will be doing some changes to this site… Watch out for it in January )

For PWA pictures, just visit Aaron’s blog. I forgot to bring a camera. D

Have a nice weekend everyone!

From croaking to barking

18 November 2005     •     Comments Off on From croaking to barking
Daily Dose

I’m no longing croaking like a frog… I’m now barking like a dog! Ugh. I think I had a mild asthma attack yesterday. I was coughing like a barking dog (irritating my dogs in the process, they left my side!), and felt like I couldn’t breathe. I don’t think I’ve had an attack since college. Oh well. I’m still breathing, and still alive…

I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie, by the way. I must say, this one was a definite improvement from last year’s Prisoner of Azkaban, which practically had a separate plot from the book on its own. The Goblet of Fire stayed true to the book as much as possible (with some exceptions), and yet, it wasn’t as “duh” as the first two movies. Mike Newell, the director of this year’s Potter movie, was definitely able to capture the book’s essence and yet was able to give it his own touch. I do hope he directs again! So yes, for me, the Goblet of Fire is the best Potter movie hands down.

Our meeting last Monday went fine. Marc made me bring a hanky, so I didn’t cough phlegm or whatever all over our foreign partners D

I bought Sheero a dog cape after Marc and I saw the Goblet of Fire. I think Sheero liked her pink sweater better, even if it does make her look a bit freaky (Marc’s words, not mine). Animal House was having a sale, Marc left me there to wait while he paid his household bills, and I wasn’t able to resist buying something for my doggies. I bought them chew toys and a bag of doggy Beef Chips (which they absolutely enjoyed). Sheero’s dog cape wasn’t a waste even if she didn’t like it. Choknat was more than willing to wear it. Harry too, but he’s just too fat for the cape (the belt won’t close around his big stomach! LOL).

Oh, yeah. I finally receive the free ticket and the additional ticket I requested from the Philippine Web Awards committee. The event’s on November 25 at the Meralco Theater in Pasig. Marc requested for a sick leave then so he could accompany. I wonder who else is going? Oh well… I still hope there’s food! D

Sorry if this blog entry doesn’t have much of a direction. I’m honestly still not feeling too well. (

Croaking Gail

12 November 2005     •     Comments Off on Croaking Gail
Family Stuff

I sound like a frog, or rather, worse than a frog. I’ve lost my voice, and I really have no idea how in the world I’m going to explain the print ads I made to our client on Monday. I don’t know how and where I got this. Out of the blue, I lost my voice last Friday and my throat ached like hell. Now, I have dry cough to boot. Plus, an on again, off again fever. Why can’t I just have colds? Having colds is an annoyance, but at least it’s not as painful as this. At least when I have colds, I still get to eat. With this, I’m finding hard even to drink water, let alone swallow solid food.

Dad took pity on me and cooked Molo Soup so I could eat (Molo Soup is chicken stock with ground beef and pork wrapped in Wanton wrapper). It’s one of my favorite soups, but I only got to eat the chicken stock and Wanton wrappers. The ground beef and pork, I couldn’t swallow. Well, I can’t complain. It’s better than starving myself to death or simply trying to survive with lukewarm water till this pain goes away.

My dogs are being very considerate. They’re not insisting to sleep by my pillow while I’m sick. Maybe they know their fur is irritating my cough further… Or maybe they’re just irritated with my cough. Hehe.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m going to try to get some rest. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my throat and chest, but I think I’m going to just lie down and hope that I’ll fall asleep.


9 November 2005     •     Comments Off on Outsmarted!
Family Stuff

Not me. Sheero and Choknat! Hahaha! D

Last night while I was working, I was surprised to see Harry munching on a Raw Hide chew toy. I remember buying three of those things (one each for my little furry-poos) two weeks ago. As soon as I gave them the toys, they just disappeared. I didn’t even see any of my dogs chewing them on my bed (their favorite place to bring their “toys”). So I was really wondering where in the world Harry got one of those.

I think Sheero or Whitey hid the chew toys somewhere (they’re the ones with the habit of hiding stuff). Wherever that is.

Anyway, Harry got distracted when I made myself a sandwich (loaf bread just drives him mad, weird dog). He accidentally left his bone lying around the floor. When we got back from the kitchen, we saw Choknat and Sheero battling it out for the chew toy. They were snarling and growling at each other. But as they pranced at each other, Harry sneakily stole the chew toy back! Haha! You should have seen Sheero and Choknat’s faces. They were so shocked to see that Harry outsmarted them, and got back his chew toy. Oh well! That’s what they get for fighting! D

Not much happened to me the past few days, except for Marc and me meeting Lily Grace last Saturday. We gave her the puppy, the last one of them all. Now, there’s no more risk of tripping over a little pup. It’s a relief really, but I got to admit I kind of miss the squeaky barks in the morning )

Aside from that, I’ve been busy with work, and work alone. I so can’t wait for the weekend!

Sorry for the short blog. I really have a lot of work to do. Bye for now!

A series of FORTUNATE events

3 November 2005     •     Comments Off on A series of FORTUNATE events
Daily Dose

No, I don’t believe in bad luck. For me, everything has a reason. But that’s not the point. Haha.

Last Saturday, Marc, Anne and I met a client for our ad company. It was at The Fort. I honestly didn’t want to go, but the client wanted to meet the main designer, and that was me. Marc and I had an argument before going there, I didn’t really want to leave the house, and so I had a bad feeling that it wouldn’t be a good day for me. Anyway, the client’s condo was facing a cemetery, and I thought it was a bit freaky. The cemetery there was the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Resting Ground for Heroes), so it’s a historical thing. But STILL. As I told Anne and Marc, a mu-mu (a ghost) is still a mu-mu, even if it was a hero.

Anyway, the meeting turned out better than I had expected, and I also found out that the cemetery wasn’t exactly the main stay of the condo. Our client’s room had a spectacular view of the Makati skyline. Well, that’s way better than having a graveyard as a view. D

After eating, we dropped off Anne at Gateway. Since it was still early, and I didn’t want to go home to an empty house (my dad told me they were going out), so Marc and I decided to watch The Mask of Zorro (it turned out pretty good, very exciting actually). While waiting for the movie to start, Marc and I went to the bookstore there to check out nice sample book covers for a client. Guess who was at Fully Booked that night? Tony Perez.

I’ve heard a lot about Mr. Perez. He’s a great writer, and used to teach at the Ateneo. But he’s also well-known for being the adviser of the Spirit Questors, a group of volunteers who help out people with paranormal problems. But unlike the Ghostbusters, the Spirit Questors negotiate with the spirits for a peaceful co-existence between humans and the spirit world. Anyway, I bought his book and had it autographed (hehe I JUST couldn’t resist). After that, he told this woman to give me an oracle reading (I never found out her name).

I don’t really know what Oracles are, but I think they may be Tarot Cards. I honestly don’t go out of my way voluntarily for divination and all that, the service charge is usually quite high (well, at least in my opinion, it’s a bit expensive. But hey, I’m the practical type of person). I would rather buy a book, graphic pens, or computer gadgets than spend on that. Anyway, this was a free reading, so I thought, what the heck.

I think this lady was for real. She just went on reading the cards I pulled out, and didn’t ask too many questions unlike the other card reader I went to in college for a research project. I used to write and interview people for the college paper, so my fellow editorial board members used to coach me a lot on asking questions properly, and not leading the person being interviewed to get the answers that I wanted. I know when I’m faced with a leading question, and this woman didn’t ask any of those type of questions. She actually spent more time talking and explaining than asking me questions. Oh well. I don’t think there was a point to kid me with things that I wanted to hear when she wasn’t getting paid for that anyway.

I’m honestly not the type of person who believes that the future is already laid out before me. I believe more in choices, and that my choices are the ones that shape my future. The Oracle lady didn’t challenge that, she actually affirmed it. I don’t want to go into the details of my reading, to tell you the truth. But one thing is for sure: she gave me hope. As you guys know, I’ve been going through so much for the past few years that sometimes I can’t help but feel that these hardships will never end. What the woman told me wasn’t really foreign or anything. I think that it was already the things that I already knew, I just had to find it in me. After about an hour of the reading, I thanked her. And so did Marc, who was there the entire time. Listening to what the lady was telling me helped him too.

Anyway, things after that weren’t very eventful. We went to visit my grandparents’ and my Ninong Joe’s graves (there were so many other people there visiting their relatives, it was like a huge party at the cemetery complete with the vendors at the side LOL). I got to talk to one of the people who visit my blog, Lily Grace, and it had been nice LONGGGG conversation. Hehe. Oh, and yeah… I got a pleasant surprise when I visited the Philippine Web Awards list of semis page. The link for the finalists was already active even though there wasn’t a news article or graphic about it on the homepage (weird), and Kutitots.Com made it to the list! ) I thought it was just a mistake or something, until I got the confirmation email (I wasn’t able to open my gmail email due to server error for some time during the day. Did you guys have that problem too? I think Google was also down). Well, I hope there’s free food at the Awards Night! So that win or lose, it wouldn’t be such a waste of time going there. Hahaha.

My dogs are fine, although I got pissed at Marc for scaring Choknat again. Harry was pissed at me because I didn’t share my dinner with him, then became sweet again when I waved a piece of loaf bread in front of his nose. Sheero, she’s so lazy! I think she spent more time sleeping today than she was awake. I think the weather is making her be really lazy. D

The weather is making me lazy too, but I’ve got to work. And now I have to get back to working, this entry’s long enough as it is already! )

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