Not me. Sheero and Choknat! Hahaha! D

Last night while I was working, I was surprised to see Harry munching on a Raw Hide chew toy. I remember buying three of those things (one each for my little furry-poos) two weeks ago. As soon as I gave them the toys, they just disappeared. I didn’t even see any of my dogs chewing them on my bed (their favorite place to bring their “toys”). So I was really wondering where in the world Harry got one of those.

I think Sheero or Whitey hid the chew toys somewhere (they’re the ones with the habit of hiding stuff). Wherever that is.

Anyway, Harry got distracted when I made myself a sandwich (loaf bread just drives him mad, weird dog). He accidentally left his bone lying around the floor. When we got back from the kitchen, we saw Choknat and Sheero battling it out for the chew toy. They were snarling and growling at each other. But as they pranced at each other, Harry sneakily stole the chew toy back! Haha! You should have seen Sheero and Choknat’s faces. They were so shocked to see that Harry outsmarted them, and got back his chew toy. Oh well! That’s what they get for fighting! D

Not much happened to me the past few days, except for Marc and me meeting Lily Grace last Saturday. We gave her the puppy, the last one of them all. Now, there’s no more risk of tripping over a little pup. It’s a relief really, but I got to admit I kind of miss the squeaky barks in the morning )

Aside from that, I’ve been busy with work, and work alone. I so can’t wait for the weekend!

Sorry for the short blog. I really have a lot of work to do. Bye for now!