I am so screwed.

I’ve been quite busy with work, and I haven’t finished the handout I’ll be giving out on Saturday. I’ll be teaching basic Flash to a graduate class in Adamson University this weekend—I have an outline, really, I already do—but the content of the handout is still a bunch of copied and pasted gibberish taken from my notes for other seminars. I swear I’ll fix and finish this tomorrow, so they’ll still have time to photocopy it.

By the way, does anybody know how to get to Adamson? That’s another hurdle I’ll have to worry about. I’ll be coming from Quezon City, specifically from the Ateneo area.

I saw Chicken Little last Monday, by the way. Marc and I saw it with my sister and our help (who’s also kinda like my sister’s nanny too), Marlyn, on the same day I got my Narnia book. I guess I got too excited about the book that I totally forgot about the movie.

Chicken Little was cute. Stupid story, but hey, it’s good to watch something useless at least once in a while. Too much thinking can lead to insanity, you know. Anyway, it was nice. I’m a graphics afficionado, so I’m biased. I’ve always loved 3D animation (I’m a fan of Disney 3D). That duck character, Abby, looked horrendous. Haha. “Ugly ducking” is a polite way of describing her. Too bad she shares my name! LOL. She’s uglier than Sheero’s behind, but she was a delightful character. Very funny too.

I’m really not in the mood of giving a good review, but Chicken Little was quite a good movie. It’s definitely not for those who think thought-provoking movies are the only ones worth watching.

Anyway, I think I’ll rest for a sec. I feel like my brain is shrinking and beginning to float on air… I’ve been awake since 4am yesterday…. Zzzz…