It’s weird. I’ve been using the internet since 1999, and this is the only time I’ve actually learned what “dolls” are. Call me a web hermit, but I guess I was just too focused on learning web design and animation. Besides, I didn’t have the luxury of unlimited internet then. So now I can have the luxury of wasting time on the web LOL.

I’ve actually already come across the term “dolls” in some personal sites I’ve seen in the past. I just never really took time to look into it I guess. These things just looked like cartoon graphics to me. I think this is what people usually call “gifts.”

Anyway, I got really curious about it when I came across the term again in the Mugglenet Interactive forums, did a Google search and saw this cool doll-maker called eLouai. Playing with it is very entertaining, and I wasted at least 2 hours making dolls. LOL. Take a look at one of the dolls I made:

My Hermione doll!

I call this my “Hermione” doll. Go on, try it and make your own! It’s fun. Do post links to your dolls here, I wan to see what you guys come up with! Hehehe.