Not just for us, but for our dogs too. D

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much this weekend. I’m actually beginning to feel the “Christmas party frenzy,” where we attend (and sometimes HAVE TO attend) Christmas parties left and right. Family reunions, class reunions, organization reunions, etc etc. I know this only happens once every year, but man, this is gluttony! LOL.

Marc and I went to Ayala Alabang with my family last weekend for a Christmas “mini-reunion” with my mom’s side of the family. The traffic we had to endure going there was HORRIBLE—we left our house at around 5pm and we got there around 730pm. Two hours and a half on the road! Marc and my sister fell asleep going there, but I was too hungry to even think of going to sleep (all I could think of was FOOD). It was kinda my fault, really. I practically didn’t eat anything for breakfast and lunch—I was saving my appetite for what Auntie Bubut prepared that night. Hehe. Anyway, my stomach wasn’t disappointed—it was well worth the wait. The food was great, and even the preparation was good too. Take a look at PIXELIERA for a photo of my Aunt’s pretty dinner candles.

Marc and I also attended the party of his team at work the same weekend at that steak house in Libis. The nice waiters at the grillery gave us steak bone leftovers for my furry creatures. I’m telling you… It takes a good tip and shamelessness to ask for additional leftovers. Anyway, I didn’t have to do that… It was Marc’s manager who did. So there. My pets had a party too!

Sheero, Harry, Choknat and all of our other dogs feasted on steak bones. I left some in the freezer hoping that it would last until Christmas Eve (who said people are the only ones who can celebrate Christmas?!), but Dad gave it to them the very next day for breakfast. Oh well. There goes their Christmas Eve dinner. D

But you know what? I’m still staying true to my no-pork diet. Not that I have a choice, really. I get dizzy whenever I try to eat some. I guess it’s like when I quit smoking. I just turned cold turkey on the habit, and had an occasional stick during parties for about a year or two. Now, I can’t stand the smell of it (I get into a coughing fit when I inhale cigarette smoke). Same with pork. Can’t eat it without feeling dizzy.

How about you guys? Attended any Christmas parties yet? I have been, but damn! Can you just imagine the calories from all the yummy food? Hehe. D