Marc accompanied me to Adamson University last Saturday where I gave a seminar on basic Actionscripting for the Web. And dang, we were an hour late! We got quite lost going to the school. Luckily, Rey (our contact) met us at an intersection after we traced back our route to the correct one.

What is it with men and directions???!!! We were really lost already before Marc FINALLY decided to ask for directions. He got pissed at me for shouting to ask directions from a jeepney driver who was a few feet away during a stop signal—it’s embarrassing, he said. He didn’t take the guy’s direction seriously, he said it was pretty vague and that we should ask from a more “credible” source next time. I was, like, HELLO?!! Are you kidding me? Who’s more credible than a jeepney driver who follows the same route every day?

Ok. So when we were 100% totally lost already, that’s when he decided to stop and ask his “credible” source. Credible source my A$$! That security guard he asked didn’t even know where in the world she was. Heck, I had a bad feeling she might not even know which country she’s in. The only answer we ever got from her was, “ewan ko (I don’t know).” Holy crap. What a waste of saliva (we wasted saliva to tell her and explain where we’re going for about 5 minutes!). Sooo… Who had a more credible source now, huh, hon?? D MEEEEEEH!!!!

Anyway, here are some photos Marc took of me and the students. I’m the one at the right corner wearing a black shirt.

And another one…

Marc was supposed to explain the deconstruction part but he was too tired (fine, fine!), so I got stuck blabbing for a couple of hours. The students were great, it was really quite easy explaining things to them. And they made us feel welcome too.

Anyway, I promised them a tutorial (kind of like a manual, actually) on the basics of Actionscripting. I will be posting updates about it in PIXELIERA under the Seminar : Adamson category. If you’re interested to download the tutorial and the source files, go right ahead.