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Family Stuff

What is pamamananhikan or pamanhikan? It’s basically a Filipino pre-wedding tradition where the guy “officially” asks for the girl’s hand from her parents. It’s also when the girl and the guy’s parents meet and plan the wedding: who to invite, who would be in the entourage, etc.

I know what you’re thinking… Why the heck is Gail talking about pre-wedding traditions?!

I’ve been bursting to blog about this all week, but I just couldn’t go blabbing about it without telling certain relatives here and in the States first. I didn’t want to say anything until I’ve already told them, or at least sent them an email about it out of courtesy before they read about it here in my blog. So what am I getting at?

Marc would be taking his family to meet mine for a pamamanhikan on Monday, 30 January 2006. ) We’ll be treating both families to a dinner at Super Bowl of China in Eastwood City, Libis. And that’s when they’ll talk over the wedding plans.

It was really funny when I told my parents that Marc’s family would be meeting them for a pamamanhikan last Monday. My dad was in the toilet when I told my mom. Her first question was, “are you pregnant?” She still can’t talk properly because of the stroke she had last year, but her question was pretty clear even through sign language. Huh?! Marc and I are planning to get married sometime towards the end of the year (but still year 2006 so it would be the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar when we get married), so pregnancy is impossible. If I were getting married on December and pregnant, the wedding would probably be held at the hospital on that date! P Anyway, when I told Mommy the date, the issue of pregnancy was settled.

My sister also heard my plans when I told Mommy, and I can see that Joyce is really excited. She was already telling me about the gown she wanted to wear as my Maid of Honor, and that she would have to diet for the next 10 months. Hehe. Anyway, we dropped the bomb on Dad as soon as he got out of the toilet. Damn, he asked same Are-you-pregnant question. Then he looked a bit shocked. Ahahaha. He knew that Marc and I have plans getting married, but it was never official. When the surprise wore down a little, he with my mom and my Ninang Bubut are already suggesting venues for the Reception, mass, etc. My dad was obviously excited when the shock wore down D

Anyway, more stories to come! My layout may still be in Christmas mode (I so don’t have time to change it yet!), but I’ll try to give you content that’s more interesting D

Stilll on hiatus, but…

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Family Stuff

I need a break from work. ) Anyway, I’m technically still on hiatus mode (the layout is still Christmas-themed haha), but I think I might be able to blog every now and then. I just can’t find time to fix the layout.

Take a look at this interesting article… It says there that dogs can smell cancer just by sniffing a person’s breath. They can correctly identify early stages of lung and breast cancer. Cool huh?

Dogs are really smart, don’t you think? They can do police work, fight in wars, help the disabled, or simply be one’s best friend… Hehehe. I think my dogs fall under “one’s best friend.” They may not have extraordinary talents, but their company have been a great help for me… Especially now when I’m practically drowning myself with work (which is unavoidable).

I don’t know… But reading stuff like this article makes me feel like wanting to give each of my doggies a hug. Imagine that… Their kind is saving people’s lives, which they do all for the pleasure of getting a praise from their humans. )

Go on, give your little canine friend a hug too! They would really appreciate it. )

On hiatus…

10 January 2006     •     Comments Off on On hiatus…
Tech Things

Ok. It’s official: I’m on hiatus. Sorry guys, I just got so much to do! ( Anyway, we’re vying for a February release (I can’t tell what we’re releasing and with whom I’m releasing it yet hehe), so by then I guess I’ll be pretty much back to blogging. So please do watch of for the new layout then too!

See you guys soon!

My new job title(s)

4 January 2006     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose

Creative Director. Housemaid. Balikbayan entertainer. “On Semi-Hiatus” blogger.

Whew. That’s kind of a lot, you know. We’re working on a good number of projects from our outsourcing partner, and we also need to handle some internal projects and strategies. I’ve been doing a lot of research, analysis, and actual design work the past few days… I’ve been so used to using the artistic side of my brain that I’ve forgotten how it feels like to use the other half intensively My brain’s logical side haven’t felt this “used” since I did my last Philosophy oral exam in college.

Anyway, one of the major reasons why I haven’t been blogging much is because my dad and I are currently the housemaids here at home. Our stay-in maid, Marlyn, took a 10-day holiday break to be with her family. My mom really can’t do anything much since she had her stroke but watch TV, and we can’t depend on my sister because she’s schizophrenic. So there. My dad and I are stuck with Marlyn’s chores for the time being.

Marlyn’s coming back this Friday, and damn, I can hardly wait. I don’t think I have a career in washing the dishes, having broken two glasses already (hey, come on, they slipped!)… Since I also need to work on my PC, I only get to wash those danged dishes after work. Geez. There are only four of us (people at least) in this house, and yet the pile of dirty dishes I face every night is probably as tall as Mt. Everest (ok, I’m exaggerating, but it is a HUGE pile). I’ve been mopping the floor almost every hour, but dog pee reappears almost instantly. Argh. I really have no idea how Marlyn manages to keep it clean… Or maybe my dogs are just annoying me?! (

My dad’s cousins are also here in Manila visiting. We haven’t seen Tita Myra in years, and Ninang Mercy we saw a year ago I think. But you know what? I don’t mind this one D Aside from the fact that I really like both Tita Myra and Ninang Mercy anyway, I wash less dishes whenever we eat with them ‘coz dinners are usually held at their mom’s house in Caloocan or in a restaurant. But well, the dog pee piles up, so it’s kinda like mopping a small lake when get home P

Last but not the least: I still have this blog to manage. I’m working on a temporary template (very slowly, I might add… I hardly got any free time), so please bear with the Christmas decors for now. I really have no idea when I’ll get to finish the design… You’ll just see it up when I’m done )

My apologies for not answering back to comments and commenting on my dailies’ sites… Sorry, guys, I’ve been really busy…

That’s it for now! Time to break more glasses and have a quick dip in Lake Dog Pee… D

Happy Birthday, Joyce!

2 January 2006     •     Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Joyce!
Family Stuff

A very happy birthday to my little (but physically larger than me hehehe) sister, Joyce! I hope you enjoy your day! )

Happy New Year, everyone!

1 January 2006     •     Comments Off on Happy New Year, everyone!
Family Stuff

Hope you guys have a great year ahead! )

Sorry for the short blog, but we’re just a bit busy here. Hope you guys are having a fun New Year’s day too!

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