I need a break from work. ) Anyway, I’m technically still on hiatus mode (the layout is still Christmas-themed haha), but I think I might be able to blog every now and then. I just can’t find time to fix the layout.

Take a look at this interesting article… It says there that dogs can smell cancer just by sniffing a person’s breath. They can correctly identify early stages of lung and breast cancer. Cool huh?

Dogs are really smart, don’t you think? They can do police work, fight in wars, help the disabled, or simply be one’s best friend… Hehehe. I think my dogs fall under “one’s best friend.” They may not have extraordinary talents, but their company have been a great help for me… Especially now when I’m practically drowning myself with work (which is unavoidable).

I don’t know… But reading stuff like this article makes me feel like wanting to give each of my doggies a hug. Imagine that… Their kind is saving people’s lives, which they do all for the pleasure of getting a praise from their humans. )

Go on, give your little canine friend a hug too! They would really appreciate it. )