Dammit. I missed it!!! Oh well. There’s nothing to strip from this design anyway, but STILL. It would be nice to take part in something that I’m slowly becoming an avid fan of: CSS! Besides, it would be nice to shock people looking for support on the Dapit Hapon Theme if they see The Filipino Web Designer stark naked. Not ME, the SITE.

Anyway, speaking of the Dapit Hapon theme… If you’ve also been reading the support blog, you’ll know that I’m planning to merge these two sites. I’ll be combining the entries from the two into Kutitots, and just park the filipinowebdesigner.com domain here. I really can’t keep track of the people downloading and installing the theme, and the footer copyright there links to these two sites so I really can’t just remove them from existence.

See? I AM working on a new layout. I’m in a “go Pinoy” mood, so you can expect it to have an ethnic feel. Sorry it’s taking a while. Aside from my work (I’m currently working on a print project right now, hence the lack of online presence), I’m also trying to push the limits (or at least, MY limits) of WordPress theme customization (not just the CSS part) for client and personal projects. Pretty interesting really. I’m learning PHP 😀