Before I get back to work, I thought I’d blog about this first.


I found out about Copyscape from the Philweavers mailing list. Most of the emails I usually get from that list are ardent nonsense, but thanks to Naz’s patient policing, it has really improved. Anyway, Jose Olarte posted this link as “your new bestfriend.” And I must say I agree… Not for me, but probably for other people it COULD be.

I’m really not “sensitive” about my writings or designs or whatever (well, as long as it’s not paid for hehehe). My personal projects is open for everybody to use (well, maybe except for my Kutitots character. I’m kinda sensitive about that hehehe). Besides, if somebody plagiarizes my content… WHAT A LOSER 😆 I won’t get mad, but I will laugh at you. Why would anybody plagiarize a personal site? Kutitots is like a pseudo-journal. There must be SOMETHING about your life worth blogging about right? Hehe. Anyway, I don’t think anybody’s stupid enough to do that to my text.

I think Copyscape might be more useful for blogs like Abe’s Yugatech. Abe’s the one who writes his own content based on his personal experiences that people find useful (yes, Abe, I’m hinting you give this thing a spin and see if it’s really worth becoming “a new bestfriend” hehehe). Anyway, if this Copyscape thing really DOES work, even non-probloggers with “sensitive” content can still find this useful. I don’t particularly enjoy reading poetry blogs (it’s a personal preferrence, no offense), but these authors worried about other people copying their content might benefit more from this tool than I ever will.

Anyway, if you have “plagiarizable” content, give this thing a spin and do drop me a line if it works for you or not. I have to admit that I am curious 🙂