I hope you guys had a great Easter. I sure did! My dad and I struck a deal… Instead of me paying half of this month’s electricity bill, I just bought the family Peking Duck for our Easter dinner 🙂 So there. We had yummy duck for Easter! I’m still so stuffed that I didn’t eat much today. I think the duck is trying to get itself digested in my intestines.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the second iBlog Summit. I’ve been actually looking forward to this one, to be honest. For once, I’ll be able to experience being a participant, and get to know the faces behind the blogs. Last year, I was a speaker. And it so happened I had a deadline that week. I went to the Summit with a sleepy head (I spent the entire night preparing my lecture), and only had enough energy to grab a bite after my presentation. I wasn’t able to enjoy it much because of that 🙁

This year, I’ll be a participant! I’ll finally be able to enjoy it. I really seemed fun. Marc and I will be going there with Anne, our Marketing Director. I just hope Marc won’t be late. His shift ends at 8:00AM. It takes less than 5 minutes to go here at my house from his office, “technically” 10 minutes from my house to the Summit venue, but we’ll be needing at least 30 minutes to find the place. Hehehe. My honey is really bad with directions. 😆 we ALWAYS need to allot time for getting lost everytime we go to a place we haven’t been to before. Ah, well. I just hope we don’t miss the snacks 😀

Looks like Marc and I will be seeing Boom and Aaron again tomorrow. Abe‘s going too (duh, he’s a speaker again :P), though we probably won’t be able to talk much about our upcoming projects. Marc will be going to the Summit without any sleep, so we’ll probably just go straight home after it. Anybody else attending iBlog? Look me up. I’ll be in black. Hehehe.

MAJOR PLUG: A very happy birthday to Luis! To celebrate his day, he launched this new cool community: FilmCrowd. This site allows people to review movies. Marc and I love watching movies, new and old. If only I didn’t have a lot to do, I’d probably be one of the frequent reviewers on that site. Ah well. Anyway, do check it out!