Marc and I went to Eastwood yesterday with his youngest sister, Diane, to watch Silent Hill (Mission Impossible will have to come later, waiting in the ticket line is IMPOSSIBLE), but we had to wait two hours for the showing. So we decided to eat first at Fuzion.Fuzion Smoothie Cafe is… a smoothie cafe. They usually serve finger food, but I was so starved I could eat a cow so I ordered a rice meal. Marc got a smoothie for the reason that we’re in a SMOOTHIE cafe, and Diane got this Potato Platter thingie. My Asian Barbecue was ok, but Diane’s potatoes were a bit weird.

We thought that the sour taste was part of the seasoning. At first we thought it was the sauce, but then I tried the potato alone, and it’s still tangy. So there’s the culprit: the potato! Well, since that was the first time we ever ate at Fuzion, we assumed that it really tastes that way.

Marc and I helped Diane finish her order, and when there were about 5 potato pieces left to eat, our waitress approached us and asked for feedback. I commented off-hand (and forever being tackless), “your food is good, but the potato is a bit sour. Kind of weird combination of herbs is it?” Then the waitress thanked me and left for the kitchen.

There was about 1 potato left when she approached us again. But this time, she was carrying a platter of twister fries. “Ma’am, compliments of the house for the sour potato you ate.”

What the f**k?!!!

So it wasn’t a “unique blend of herbs.” It was friggin’ bad!

Well, they were very apologetic about it. And they admitted it without me pointing it out intentionally. That’s a rare thing these days. There are very few restaurants or cafes that will do the same thing, and would probably even deny giving you bad food. Honest people in business is becoming a rarity these days. Most are just concerned with profit, and it’s a refreshing change to know that there still exists business people who value customer satisfaction.

If I get diarrhea out of this, well, at least I’m no longer constipated. 😆 Kidding.

Seriously though. I like their food. And their honestly made me like them even better. Regardless of my mistake in the potato’s identity (I ate a friggin’ bad potato and actually ENJOYED it!), I can honestly say that I’d eat at Fuzion again. I’d even recommend them to you guys… But just keep in mind that the potatoes in the Potato Platter SHOULDN’T be sour. If it is, ask for free twister fries! 😀