Brain drain

27 June 2006     •     5 Comments
Family Stuff

I am physically, intellectually, and emotionally drained.

July. August. September. October. I have approximately 4 months to go before my wedding. Marc and I are still a long way to go on our Church and legal requirements, and I’m honestly beginning to feel the pressure. When you’re also running a wedding-related business, the reality of pushed-back wedding dates become a more possible possibility. I’ve already had two clients who had to change their wedding dates because of incomplete legal/Church requirements (good thing I run the printing of the main invites last). Four months may be long for some people. But with my schedule? No, it’s extremely short.

Dad and I have already been contemplating of putting up a showroom here. Our business is starting to take off, and meeting clients all over Metro Manila is becoming physically draining for me.

Take last weekend as an example.

I was supposed to meet with some friends in the evening and drop by the bloggers’ dinner Jayvee and Abe came up with. I met a client in the morning at Glorietta, then another at Megamall after lunch, then another one at Gateway. I was bone-tired by the afternoon (well, at least you can say that I made good use of the MRT train!). By the time I got home around 4pm, I had to take a nap before doing my freelance work which I planned to tinker with a little before meeting up with my friends and the bloggers.

I only woke up when Abe called me. But guess what? For some unknown reason, I fell back asleep after his call. I can’t even recall falling asleep again!

Good thing Marc have already contacted our friends earlier on about the status of my physical energy and the million things I needed to do. But man, we’ve been planning that meet-up for ages! The sad thing about it, I won’t be available again until the weekend after next… And that’s still tentative, I’m still not sure of my sched. And I so wanted to attend the bloggers dinner too… 🙁

My only consolation is that Marc doesn’t need to sched dates with me yet 😛 He’s been helping me with our businesses, so we’re still spending a lot of quality time together. The side comment I made about geeky in-front-of-the-computer dates in an interview at the Pinoy WordPress blog are becomming a little bit more often these days.

BUZZ! :)

19 June 2006     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

Marc does that often to me during the rare moments I’m online in Yahoo Messenger. It’s pretty annoying, really, but he’s my fiance—he’s excused 😀 There are some people who just can’t take a hint, and would keep on bugging me even if my status is already outright RUDE: “WORKING. Don’t bother me.”

Marc did that once just to annoy me when I was working on something that required concentration (probably CSS wehehehe), and of course, I gave him a taste of his own medicine (nyahahaha!). I buzzed him every two minutes when I knew he was in the middle of writing this extremely long email (It really was LONG, he had my email address copyfurnished) to an extremely difficult client (whom I am so glad to finally be free of). Wehehe Marc kept forgetting what he was supposed to type.

See? It really IS annoying. So annoying that you’d all just want to hire Brian George Lindemann, and sue this person into oblivion. Yeah, it can really be that irritating. Imagine being in the middle of an important something, then somebody kept buzzing you “just because.”

Ah well. Best solution?

I don’t go online in YM unless for a meeting, or a pre-planned chat with family, close friends, and Marc. Being in Invisible mode is friggin’ useless. Trust me.

Anyhow, I haven’t disappeared from the face of the planet… Or at least, the Internet. YET. I’m still alive, I’m just way too lazy to blog.

Oh, Marc and I saw The Omen last week. What a waste. There are some surprising scenes, but overall… It’s not scary. Well, I didn’t get scared. All through out the movie I just thought that the kid anti-Christ seriously needed a good night’s sleep to get rid of those eyebags and irritating scowl. Garfield 2 was much better… At least he’s a laugh.

Remembering the “old days”

8 June 2006     •     Comments Off on Remembering the “old days”
Daily Dose

Ok, so maybe I’m still a bit young to actually say something like that. But my wedding is only a few days away, and that clearly shows that I am getting older whether I like it or not. Besides, there were quite a lot of things in the early ’90s and late ’80s that I miss. To be more specific, I was quite fond of the movies released back then.

I don’t know… Is it because Hollywood is running out of ideas? Well, in my opinion, the movies back then were much better than most movies now. Here are some of my favorites:

Death Becomes Her
This was FUNNY. I loved Goldie Hawn there. I think this was filmed during the time when Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery was slowly getting popularity. The movie showed Goldie and her best friend search for the solution to never-ending youthful beauty. They then meet this lady who sold them a formula that will keep them young forever. But there’s a catch: their bodies will still degenerate. They look young, but the parts of their bodies will still get old. And for that, they needed the cosmetic surgeon guy who added more twist to the story.

Somewhere in Time
I’m not sure what year this came out (I was probably still a baby when it did), but I really really love this movie. It’s so romantic without being cheesy. And an interesting insight into time travel too, I might add.

Superman I
My childhood won’t be complete without this. I’m a Superman fan, but I liked the very first one (the first one Christopher Reeves starred in) more than any of the other sequels.

These are just some of the movies that I carefully preserve on DVD collection. They’re just classics for me. I can watch them over and over again without getting tired of the story. Well, these DVDs will definitely be part of the “inheritance” I’ll leave my future kids ehehe.

Chocolate addict

5 June 2006     •     9 Comments
Daily Dose

I can’t help it, I’m a chocolate addict.

Chocolate-covered marshmallows, barquillos, broas, and biscuits

I’ve always been a chocolate addict (maybe that’s why I’ve lost almost all of my teeth haha). And that photo is a culmination of my chocolate “addict-ness.”

For months, Marc and I have been planning to get a chocolate fountain for our wedding—and we’re frequently egged to make sure that plan pushes through by my sister Joyce and Marc’s sister Diane. They wanted to have one so much that they even volunteered to be the ones overseeing the fountain during the reception. Anyway, I finally decided on a supplier: A’s Butterfly Corp. I don’t like butterflies but hey, their chocolate is good. They use one of my favorite chocolate candies: Lindt Chocolate.

So anyway, we liked the chocolate taste testing so much that we even ordered 3 kilos of chocolate just for our own private, chocolate fondue party 🙂

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