I can’t help it, I’m a chocolate addict.

Chocolate-covered marshmallows, barquillos, broas, and biscuits

I’ve always been a chocolate addict (maybe that’s why I’ve lost almost all of my teeth haha). And that photo is a culmination of my chocolate “addict-ness.”

For months, Marc and I have been planning to get a chocolate fountain for our wedding—and we’re frequently egged to make sure that plan pushes through by my sister Joyce and Marc’s sister Diane. They wanted to have one so much that they even volunteered to be the ones overseeing the fountain during the reception. Anyway, I finally decided on a supplier: A’s Butterfly Corp. I don’t like butterflies but hey, their chocolate is good. They use one of my favorite chocolate candies: Lindt Chocolate.

So anyway, we liked the chocolate taste testing so much that we even ordered 3 kilos of chocolate just for our own private, chocolate fondue party 🙂