Ok, so maybe I’m still a bit young to actually say something like that. But my wedding is only a few days away, and that clearly shows that I am getting older whether I like it or not. Besides, there were quite a lot of things in the early ’90s and late ’80s that I miss. To be more specific, I was quite fond of the movies released back then.

I don’t know… Is it because Hollywood is running out of ideas? Well, in my opinion, the movies back then were much better than most movies now. Here are some of my favorites:

Death Becomes Her
This was FUNNY. I loved Goldie Hawn there. I think this was filmed during the time when Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery was slowly getting popularity. The movie showed Goldie and her best friend search for the solution to never-ending youthful beauty. They then meet this lady who sold them a formula that will keep them young forever. But there’s a catch: their bodies will still degenerate. They look young, but the parts of their bodies will still get old. And for that, they needed the cosmetic surgeon guy who added more twist to the story.

Somewhere in Time
I’m not sure what year this came out (I was probably still a baby when it did), but I really really love this movie. It’s so romantic without being cheesy. And an interesting insight into time travel too, I might add.

Superman I
My childhood won’t be complete without this. I’m a Superman fan, but I liked the very first one (the first one Christopher Reeves starred in) more than any of the other sequels.

These are just some of the movies that I carefully preserve on DVD collection. They’re just classics for me. I can watch them over and over again without getting tired of the story. Well, these DVDs will definitely be part of the “inheritance” I’ll leave my future kids ehehe.