It would done more good if she had just stayed in the water.

Yeah. I didn’t like it. The story is a bit lame, and I might even be doing you a favor by spoiling it. This movie seems like an outpost of M.Night Shyamalan’s ego. I mean hello. The story is about a sea nymph “awakening” the creative drive of a writer who was destined to change the world with his book. Guess who was playing the writer? You got that right: Shyamalan. Of all the roles he could have played in the movie… Ah well. How vain is that!

I don’t really see the point of the movie. It’s basically just this group of people in an apartment complex helping the nymph get back to her world. That’s it. Nothing more.

What a waste. The only nice thing I could probably say about that movie is that Bryce Dallas Howard has nice nose (if I had money, I’d get Toronto rhinoplasty so I can have a nose like her! hehe). Yeah, the movie was that bad. Marc and I might have done better if we just saw “Sukob,” at least that one would have been a laugh. Yeah I know it’s supposed to be horror flick, but Kris Aquino’s there and I think she’s irritatingly funny (she makes horror funny). Besides, it’s a wedding-related flick. It might even teach me and Marc a thing or two (yeah, RIGHT. Hehehe).

And speaking of weddings…

Marc and I have completed HALF of Church Requirements step 1. We’ve acquired our baptismal certificates already, and will just need to get the confirmation certificates. I know, I know, we’re still a long way to go. But hey, at least there’s SOMETHING. Anyway, if we haven’t seen this on my email, we’re probably still slacking off:

Oh my. Still a lot to do!!!

I know this site meant no harm, and was probably intended from brides and grooms excited about their weddings… But man, seeing this freaked me out! Just goes to show how many stuff we still need to do. Getting married sure is a LOT of work 😛

So by now I should be personalizing my wedding details. Personalizing? It’s not even complete yet. Damn! My wedding gown is still non-existent (heck, even the attire for my entourage doesn’t exist yet), and our wedding rings are still fragments of our imagination. Ah well 😛 I guess Marc and I will always be buzzer-beaters hehehe.