Hey look, I’m an Apostle of Globe Innove. Since Markku is going (which means, I’ll know somebody there aside from Abe), I’m in as well. Besides, who’d pass up the chance of free food and be called a “high-traffic blogger“? Flattery is one thing, feeding is another. And if you have both, you have one happy blogger 😀

Seriously though… I’m really curious what this is all about. I’ll tell you guys as soon as I get answers, I think Globe Innove is serious about this “exclusivity” thing. My dad probably won’t lend me one of his Nikon cameras, so I’ll just bring my trusty old Panasonic one.

It’s interesting to note that more and more local companies are realizing that blogs aren’t just for angsty teenagers blogging about their angsty lives. This Globe Innove thing is definitely a great start, and I do hope more companies get into it too.

I won’t exactly call myself a “professional” blogger (I honestly don’t think Kutitots is near to being a Celebrity Blog)—I like to think of myself as a web designer more—but I like to think of my entries as “following” certain “blog rules.” Call me a blog elitist all you want, but angsty-bright-pink-with-blinkies-and-wrong-grammar blogs really do piss me off. It’s no wonder that some companies here in the Philippines still don’t see blogging as a good way of advertising online.

The common excuse I get (or read) from people with those stuff that annoy me, is, most often than not: “It’s MY blog.” Some even go to the extreme of calling their blogs as “their world.” So ok. Whatever. But you DID put it on the Net… for people to read.

Some will probably just ignore your bad grammar and continue reading, but some won’t. Others will like your pinky-blinkies, but some won’t. There will be people who won’t have a headache reading your yellow-text-on-fuschia-pink-background color scheme, but some won’t. Some will not like these things enough that they will point them out to you. I would think you’d be a total fool if you get mad that they did. You should be flattered that they liked your content enough to ask you to improve these things so they won’t need to stop visiting your site.

If you can’t live with your readers’ criticisms, then I think it would be better for you to not publish anything. Lashing out on people in your blog that “they offended you” by pointing out your bad grammar, annoying pinky-blinkies, or migraine-inducing color scheme won’t do you any good. Your blog will never improve nor evolve. Worse, people will stop visiting and just forget about your site.

When somebody corrects your grammar or points out how unreadable your site is, thank them instead of deleting their comments outright or resetting your database. Try to make an effort to do something about them, and stop making stupid excuses. If you really can’t handle criticism on your work or writing, then I think it might be safe to say that you need some growing up to do. Or better yet, see a shrink.

No, sorry, I won’t tell you guys for whom this entry is for 😀