Sorry to “borrow” your post title, J, but I really can’t think of any. I credited you and gave you link love on that, so don’t sue me! Hehehe.

Anyway, the “missed opportunity” I was referring to is Anton’s Pampanga Culinary Tour this weekend. I have got quite a lot of work on the pipeline (ugh, I hate working during the weekend!), and I also need to help my dad prepare for my entourage’s gown fitting on Sunday. Since it’s not every day relatives and friends get together like that, my dad and I thought that we should have at least prepare food. Kind of like a mini party. Since my mom had a major stroke, it’s been my dad (sometimes me, but really, I’m not much of a cook) who’s been manning the kitchens. I know I gotta start learning cooking on my own (and as Connie said, I have to start practicing that before I get married this November)… I swear, I’m trying hehehe (I’m going to get me that cookbook of hers when it comes out, else I’m going to run out of ink printing her entire blog).

Based on the “itenerary,” the Culinary Tour sounds like fun. I really regret having to text Anton this evening that I couldn’t come (any chance of a third one?). I got to admit that the tour will probably do more damage to my increasing waistline (my wedding’s near, I NEED to diet!), I’d probably get fat enough that I won’t need breast augmentation to make my boobies look fuller hehe (it’s not like I have the money for it too, you know). But the food is not the thing that I’m going to miss the most out—it’s the chit chat part.

I’m not really the type who frequently attends “real life” gatherings of internet people unless it’s an educational-type thing (ie. iBlog Summit), but I’ve noticed lately I’ve been a bit “more active” than usual. Marc and I have actually met up with Abe and Jayvee the past few months more often than we did with our college friends.

Is it really just me or the Philippine blogosphere really is getting more social? Well, I hope it is. And I also hope more bloggers will join in the fun.

So, Jayvee, when’s the next meetup? 😛