Need to diet? Teeth extraction might help

31 October 2006     •     19 Comments
Daily Dose

Halloween came a tad bit early for me. Totally unexpected, I might add. And I realize that it seems to be the reason why I couldn’t bring myself to blog till now—it really does take time before one can accept the fact that she’ll be losing her teeth. All of them, except one.

I came to the dentist with only one shallow intention: I just wanted to have my bridge fixed. It was protruding in an ugly way, so I wanted to make it look better in time for my wedding. When my dentist was examining my teeth, he was already telling me that there was a chance that he might have to remove the teeth where the bridge was hanging on to. You could just imagine how nervous I was. If he removed those teeth, I’d be left with only one tooth.

Upon the removal of the bridge, I could see from the look on his face that I was in for the worst: I’d lose all my teeth at the age of 25.

I really could not understand why this had to happen. I told my dentist that ever since I lost some teeth and had to have partial dentures and bridges, I’ve been doing my best to take care of the remaining ones. I brushed my teeth and partial dentures regularly, and made sure nothing got stuck in between when I’m eating. I don’t chew gum. I don’t even attempt to bite hard food. So what went wrong?

Apparently, I lacked nutrition. It was the lack of calcium and vitamins that made my teeth extremely brittle. My workaholic schedule didn’t help too. And to make matters worse, I don’t drink vitamins regularly.

So there you have it. I now have an early and natural Halloween costume. It’s a good thing I work from home, else, going out in public would have been torture. I can’t even bring myself to look in the mirror.

A face with no teeth isn’t really that much of an issue for me (I’ll just be in hibernation here at home for the entire week till I get my dentures on Saturday). I can even tolerate the pain (I’ve gone through worse, actually). But the unbearable part of this ordeal is the fact that I can’t eat decent food.

Ever since last week, I haven’t had a decent meal. All I’ve been living on were soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and more soup. Whenever my family eats lunch or dinner, my dad makes it a point to tell me that they’re going to be eating so I’ll have the option to eat my soup with them or just have my food in the computer room. I always choose the latter—it’s a real torture seeing but not being able to eat the yummy food my dad cooks.

I read in one of my sister’s teeny-bopper magazines that when you’re dieting, it doesn’t hurt to give in to your cravings once in a while—a little bit of that sinful chocolate cake won’t hurt. At least you’ll stop thinking about it and lessen the risk of you gorging yourself and ruining the diet. But in my case, it’s worse.

I can’t even eat anything that requires chewing. They’re not even sinful food!

And worse, I know it’s my fault that I can’t eat anything decent. If I’ve been more conscious about my health, I don’t think I’d lose my teeth.

My only consolation now is that I’ve lost a few pounds. And at the rate I’m going, I have a feeling I’d lose more within the month. Well, at least I’d look sexy wearing my wedding gown. But then, I guess that’s just me trying to make myself see the good out of this torturous ordeal 🙁

Pre-wedding jitter #2: My sub-standard cooking skills

26 October 2006     •     7 Comments
Family Stuff

I need a cooking crash course. FAST.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really, really excited about our wedding. In one month, I’ll be Mrs. Gail Dela Cruz-Villanueva. I don’t mind the name change anymore (Marc and I have already decided on what to do with the name dilemma), but it’s the “Mrs.” part that’s worrying me now.

I’m not a great cook. Ok, fine. I can’t cook!

My mom and dad must have spoiled me too much. They enjoyed cooking, while my sister and I just enjoyed eating. The only difference between us is that my sister found the time watching my parents cook and learning in the process, but me? I was holed up in my computer room doing some design thing. I’ve been so caught up with being a geek that I totally forgot that I would eventually need to run a household.

Even as a kid I never wanted to become a housewife—just a housewife. Maybe I was already a feminist at the tender age of four, but I think it was really more on the fact that I never liked doing chores. My mom wasn’t fond of baking, and the recipes she cooked were far too advanced for a kid like me to help with (well, maybe except when we were making pizza—I loved making little figures with the dough). But even back then I didn’t like watching my mom cook and only went back when the food was ready.

I think the only “chore” my mom and dad were able to make me do was washing the dishes. That’s one household chore I’m proud to be really good at. I do manual washing, mind you—we don’t have an automated dishwasher. Well, at least Marc need not be worried about our kitchen sink piling up with dirty dishes. The only problem we have is putting edible food on those goddamn clean dishes.

My dad probably won’t be able to resist me if I come knocking at their door for dinner, but I know that I eventually need to learn to feed my own family. I’ve been trying to learn, you know. Cooking good food runs in the family, so I’m not giving up hope. Well, not yet at least.

The most “complex” recipes I’ve probably pulled off “perfectly” were for spaghetti and Chicken ala King. Marc loves them, but I don’t think we’d be able to live on spaghetti and Chicken ala King alone for the rest of our lives.

I’m not that good at frying either. I usually burn stuff, but I did pull it off properly at one time. I’ve been so proud of myself for frying the Ilocos Empanada perfectly that I took the liberty of taking a few photos:

Gail's perfect frying
Perfectly fried!

There’s nothing special about them, but I think this is a good start. Well, for once my frying skills delivered something edible other than the charcoal-like substance I usually come up with. It doesn’t really make me “home-maker extraordinaire,” but somehow it’s still a relief to know that we won’t live on spaghetti and Chicken Ala King alone.

Good thing that my cooking skill (or lack thereof) isn’t the reason why Marc’s marrying me 😛 Heh. So I guess he’ll be spending the first few months of our marriage (years even, depends on how soon I get the hang of this home-maker thing) eating experimental food on very, very clean plates!

Am I just getting old…?

23 October 2006     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose

Sometimes I still find it hard to imagine that a few years ago, I was a student in college, dreading thesis defense and partying till the wee hours of the morning. Then the next thing I know, I’m a thesis panelist and a chaperon for a debut.

This is one of those little things in life that tell you: hey, you ARE getting older.

The icky “damn I’m getting old” feeling struck me the moment I was given the scoresheet for the students presenting their thesis last Saturday morning. I couldn’t accept the fact that just a few years back (around three or four), I was the one freaking out while waiting for my turn to have my thesis butchered into pieces. Never did it ever occur to me that I would be one of those panelists I used to dread. Armed with a pen, a scoresheet, and an incredibly bad mood—I was the students’ living nightmare that morning.

I wasn’t that hard on them really. I was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep—so yeah, they got a bit lucky I wasn’t my usual energized self. Drowsiness prevented me from being total biatch. Hehe. Besides, I felt bad about failing them on purpose just because (70% of their finals grade would be coming from me). But I think if I was wide awake, I would have really made them earn those grades I would be giving them 😛

I was actually torn between compassion and the thought that they should learn from whatever mistake they did. A part of me doesn’t want to make their lives miserable (having gone through the exact same thing myself), but a part of me also sees the need that they should be able to experience it themselves (getting your thesis butchered IS a learning experience, you know). I couldn’t believe that I would be having that dilemma, actually. To think that a few years ago, I was just bitching about the panelist who butchered my thesis—and now, they’re probably bitching about me.

I got the same “I’m getting old” feeling during my cousin’s debut party that evening. Marc and I sat with my uncles, aunts, and a few cousins around my age—we found it a bit unnerving that we were in the “chaperones’ table.” And what was more unnerving was the fact that I couldn’t resist checking up on the “kids” for signs of trouble—just like a true-blue chaperone.

Now I know what my dad meant when he told me, “you’ll understand when you get older.” I’m beginning to understand… So yeah, I think I am getting older.

I pissed off a customer rep today!

21 October 2006     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

No, it wasn’t like the drama that transpired in the recorded conversation between an irate customer and a PLDT rep. Far from it really—I was kind of enjoying myself. Hehe.

I had a six-month stint as a technical support representative, and I know how irritating it is to get a call from a total idiot. So yeah. I wasn’t an irate caller, I just had an irate Customer Service Rep (CSR)!

I didn’t mean to piss her off, you know. I just called the hotline to order birth certificates for me and Marc (hey, I’ll be spending P1,200 for those darned things!), and lucky me must have gotten a CSR nearing the end of her shift. She sounded like she wanted to get the hell out of there, and I was just another “sale” she wanted to close. Anyway, it was the first time I ordered birth certificates through the phone, so really can’t blame me for not knowing “the flow.” Know what I mean?

She was actually quite pleasant at first, to tell you the truth. I think she started getting irked off when this happened:

GAIL: I want to buy birth certificates for me and my fiance. I’m going to need two each, one for our passports and another one for the marriage thing.

CSR: Do you have his ID and authorization letter?

GAIL: I don’t have those, but how would really know if I do when you’re there and I’m here? Do I really need his ID and letter to order?

CSR: No, ma’am, but you’re going to need them when the certificates are delivered to you.

GAIL: Ah. That’s no problem. He practically lives here anyway.

Fine, fine. So I wasn’t exactly being my “intelligent self” that time. It’s one of those days, you know? There are just some people who seem to be easy to piss off. Call me evil, but sometimes I really do enjoy pissing off people like that. The more they get pissed off, the more I wanted to piss them off. Hehehe.

So anyway, the second time I pissed her off was when I forgot to give her my second name. Well, that one I didn’t mean to do. Really.

CSR: Ma’am, you said your name was “Abygail,” not “Abygail Josephine.”

GAIL: Well, they’re both my names. What difference does it make?

CSR: Ma’am, I’ll have to give you a new referrence number for Marc John’s certificate.

GAIL: Oh, you do? OK.

You know, if she didn’t sound so pissed off I probably won’t piss her off more. But with the tone of her voice, I had a feeling she really wanted to be rid of me badly 😛 I repeated the referrence numbers incorrectly (twice, but I didn’t mean to, I swear!), and made her wait for more than five minutes while I looked for the photocopy of Marc’s birth certificate. I felt her wrath on me for pulling her average call handling time, but hey, she gotta cool off you know. Besides, I really couldn’t find it! She sounded so relieved when I told her I don’t need anything else, and hung up the phone before I changed my mind.

This wasn’t really the first time I acted silly while on the phone with a customer service rep—it’s just the first time that a CSR got pissed off at me for acting silly. Normally, CSRs would just laugh aside my smart-ass comments. They won’t make me feel like an idiot. But this one… Well, she made me believe I was an idiot, so I acted like one.

She really reminded me of this college classmate of mine who always ran to the opposite direction whenever she saw me coming. I got a real kick every time her face contorts upon hearing my wise cracks—I didn’t consider a day complete without pissing her off at least once. I only stopped pissing her off when she stopped getting pissed off and started to laugh along with me. We never became best friends or anything, but I think she had been over at our place for one or two of my house parties.

It’s really not my habit to go pissing off people (hehe sure, sure), but really. Sometimes I just can’t help it. Me and my little circle of friends in college were total goof-balls (people usually go, “no way,” when they find out that I was a total geek when it came to web/graphics design). A former teacher even remembered me as part of the “noisy group at the back.”

I’m probably still not as serious as a nerd (hell, I’m still very talkative and well, I still joke a lot), but I have my days. Once you graduate from the “Daddy, can I have money?” stage, it’s not really that surprising that you’ll be able to see life with a tad bit more serious outlook. You get to see more out of the “just pissing off a customer rep” situation. But being always too serious about everything and forgetting to laugh isn’t healthy—takes the fun out of life.

Before anyone chastises me for pissing off the snarling CSR… Loosen up, for christsakes! And let me enjoy cheap thrills like this once in a while… It’s not like I do it all the time, you know? 😛

What blogging “bought” me

19 October 2006     •     7 Comments
Tech Things

Fine, fine. I’m just jealous—Abe, Jayvee, Rico, and Sasha, all bought something out of blogging. I didn’t exactly BUY anything, but it did “got me” some “stuff.” Ha! Did you guys think you were the only ones?

I hate using unordered (or ordered) lists, but here goes:

  • Blogging got me local clients. I don’t think I would have gotten “big name” local clients such as the Office of Senator Mar Roxas if it weren’t for blogging. I have been dealing mostly with international clients until blogging came along.
  • And last but not the least: Blogging gave me new friends. Ugh. That sounds like something out of a Care Bears dialogue, but seriously, blogging DID introduce me and Marc to a great new group of friends.

I have met a lot of bloggers in real life, and I can really say that some of them turned out to be great friends to me and Marc (maybe more, if given the opportunity). Even better friends that those we’ve thought “were” our friends—“friends” we thought we knew, but apparently, did not.

The bloggers we’ve made friends with are honest and sincere (so far haha). I guess it really does make a whole of difference when you’re driven by greed or by sheer passion for what you blog about. This sincerity seeps into you, which incidentally affects the way you treat people (I meant that in a good way). But when you don’t really know what you’re writing about, and just wanted to blog for the sake of getting profit out of it… Well, I’m not sure if the effect will be the same.

I don’t know… Maybe there’s just something “real” and honest about passionate bloggers.

So… If I were to tell you the best thing that blogging got me, it would be this. Call me cheesy (or even a wacked Care Bear), but another group of real friends is the best that blogging ever got me.

Real, live Kutitots

17 October 2006     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

If you have read all the pages of my blog (PAGES, mind you, not posts), then you probably already know why I named this blog “Kutitots.” If you’ve been visiting since 2004 (is there anybody other than my fiance who does? Cripe.), you would know that this blog had evolved from being a mere “show off your works but add a journal on the side to make it personal” kind of website to a weblog. Kutitots has gone through a lot of evolutions, design changes, and even topic directions for the past years (Kutitots will turn three years old on the 14th of February 2007), and now, it seems like even the blog name is having a new meaning (for me, at least).

I got the weirdest of inspirations for the domain name from my dogs and their fleas (my MANY dogs and their many fleas). And for some strange reason, my family seemed to like having our own lingo (it’s our weird way of bonding). “Mga kuto” (fleas) doesn’t sound too appealing, so we just had to invent our own: Kutitots. I did a bit of research on the Web, and found that “kutitot” (without the S) is actually a type of chili. Regardless of which, I could not bring myself to think that kutitot can actually be something edible (eww, who would want to eat FLEAS?!). So the name stuck. Besides, I already bought the domain name—like I had a choice.

It wasn’t until the first redesign of Kutitots did I thought of giving it a tagline: “A girl and a dog in the FLEA world.” So yeah, you can imagine that that version had stuff on me and my dogs equally. It then went through a lot of revisions (but the tagline remained the same), until I finally made it into a pure blog with a new slogan: “A Filipino web designer’s blog about life, dogs, and fleas.”

I used to believe that the new tagline was only partially true. I blogged mostly about life, and sometimes about my dogs (just in passing), but I have never blogged about fleas. Not once did I ever blog about them.

Well, that’s what I thought up until recently.

When you really think about it, I had (and have) been blogging about fleas. I don’t mean that in a literal way—figuratively. You’ll notice that if you look close enough (look through my Archives, the category name might even give you a hint).

Fleas are parasites, aren’t they?

Well, I ask you then. How many “parasites” have you met in your lifetime? Isn’t it part of life that there are some people who have parasitical tendencies?

Each one of us has “Kutitots” (or flea) tendencies—there are just those who shine above the rest and have earned the wrath of my keyboard. No use denying it now—I have been blogging about fleas.

Do you talk because you HAVE TO talk?

15 October 2006     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

Before she had that major stroke, my mom used to hate it when people talk because they HAVE TO talk—I’m usually the one who causes her this annoyance, actually 😛 I needed to have somebody do this to me before I realized how annoying it really is.

In college, I’ve met idiots of every kind. And since I went to the Ateneo de Manila University for my collegiate education, it was usually the “smart idiots” that I encountered. That’s the kind of idiot that you could consider amusing—not exactly irritating. I mean, afterall, it wasn’t really their fault that they led such a sheltered life that you’d need to really watch them while crossing the street or they’d get run over even by a slow-moving tricycle! Besides, the “smart idiots” I’ve met in college were really good people—they’re just so gullible that I spend most of my time telling them silly things that they actually believed to be true.

I never really knew what my mom meant when she told me the anecdote: “Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.” Well, not until I joined the Philweavers 😛

Philweavers is a small community of Filipino web designers based here and abroad. There are a lot of smart people there, and very nice ones too. There are actually quite a few whom I can consider my friends (online or IRL). But like any other community, there will always be the ones who give “Fools” in the anecdote a whole new meaning.

The community used to have an email newsletter—the “main thing” that distinguished forum members from the actual Philweavers members other than the profile on the site’s directory. It was a good thing they scrapped the newsletter and just moved the interaction into the forums—I was already beginning to feel I was getting spam mail from the group everyday. And worse, it’s usually the fools who just had to say something that send those “spammy” emails.

If you still don’t get what I mean about those “fool-like” comments… Just think of it this way… Post a legitimate web design-related question, and get a variety of answers. The rainbow of answers you will get is very entertaining (if you’re in a good mood, but extremely iritating if it’s your period). There will be some who would sincerely like to help you, and offer really good suggestions and solutions. But there are some who just wanted the list to know they exist and say a just-brushing-the-topic-a-little kind of answer.

It’s one of those instances where you want to tell somebody, “oh, just shut up please,” you know? Well… Nasty me DID say that more than once already 😀 Sometimes I cloak it with carefully chosen words, but the meaning is basically the same: shut up. But there are those who just don’t get it.

I recently wrote an article regarding Web Design Piracy upon the request of Berg. I guess they were getting fed up with the increasing disregard for intellectual property—the ones who just don’t get the difference between “ripped” and “inspired.” I had a feeling that the article will get some flack from some (it was an editorial article, with my opinion, so it’s expected), but I got to admit that I was still a bit surprised that there would be an idiot who would comment for the sake of commenting 😛

He said something about the article being “bull,” and that I should check my grammar first before I write about piracy. HUH?! What does my grammar have to do with piracy? Understandable he’d think my article is “bull”—everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. But with the “reasoning” he gave, I don’t know whether I should laugh or just scratch my head in confusion.

Unfortunately, the moderators deleted his comment. I would have loved to keep it there so I’ll have something to go back to in case I needed a laugh. But I guess the moderators didn’t want prospect clients surfing the site to see that the Philweavers have a few idiots within. Oh well :p

“Bawal magkasakit”

13 October 2006     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

In English, this means “getting sick isn’t allowed.” And so it isn’t—especially when you have a lot to do. But I am 🙁

Marc had colds the past week, and he was worried that I would get it too. I got a bit annoyed—I wasn’t THAT delicate. But he calls me a “sick-ling,” somebody who contracts the flu or whatever from others easily.

Ok, so maybe I have quite a low body resistance. To be honest, I sometimes forget to drink my vitamins regularly. It’s pretty obvious that that has a lot to do with me being a sick-ling, but I guess one of the major reasons for this are my bad sleeping habit, and stress from work and the wedding planning.

I sleep at weird hours, but I know I get enough of it. Sometimes even more than enough. I just can’t help it—I work best at night when it’s quiet and the room temperature is comfortably cool. But I’ve been told more than once that sleeping at weird hours (ie. afternoon) isn’t the same as sleeping at night. Is that true? I haven’t really found anything written about that on the Net (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough), so any ideas on this would be very much welcome. I would really like to know why I seem to get sick easily, you know.

I guess stress being a source of sickness (or at least low body resistance) is pretty obvious. From Wikipedia, my all-time favorite source:

Whenever we encounter a stressful event, our bodies undergo a series of hormonal and biochemical changes that put as in a ‘fight or flight mode.’ Our heart rate increases, adrenaline rushes through our blood stream, and our digestive and immune systems temporarily shut down. If the stressors continue and we stay on high alert for a prolonged period of time, we experience exhaustion and burn out.

Well, that explains it 😛 My immune systems “temporarily shut down.”

I have to admit that I’ve been going back to my workaholic state once again, and it’s not really helping me get rid of this bad cold. I can’t help it. With our wedding so near, the pressure and excitement is just a bit overwhelming—I would rather work on my projects that think about them. I know it’s weird, but working (or just blogging and designing for fun) is my way of distracting myself. It doesn’t necessarily relieve the stress, but really, sometimes you got to choose the lesser of two evils. Wedding is a life-changing event, and thinking about it just scares the shit out of me.

Marc and I went out with some blogger friends last night, but the “de-stressing” was already a tad bit late. I was already starting to get the colds.

I don’t really have much of a problem working when a bit sick (with “a bit,” I mean, I’m not burning with fever or anything). After all, I do work from home. I can easily take a 1-hour nap when I feel the need to. But getting colds? I hate getting colds. Runny noses are just so irritating, especially when you suddenly ran out of tissue paper and you desperately needed to blow 🙁

Well, let’s just hope this bad cold blows over before my wedding—I don’t want to have a runny nose while saying “I do.” That’s just… Disgusting 😛

Ok, fine, I’m EXCITED about my wedding

10 October 2006     •     12 Comments
Family Stuff

No use denying it anymore—I’m really getting excited about my wedding. I’m still stressing, yes, but who cares? I’m beginning to start counting the days before I walk down the aisle.

I celebrated my 25th birthday last Sunday, October 8. And at the same time, I also had our entourage over for a second fitting. Our couture brought the gowns and colored Barongs for the members of our entourage to check if they fit. I’ve also had the measurements for my gown taken, but that’s not the thing that made me this excited.

The gowns and Barongs are so PRETTY. Forgive me for sounding like a ditz, but really, I can’t wait to show them off. The designs fit my color motif and modern Filipiniana theme perfectly. I’m dying to post the photos my dad took here, but it might ruin the surprise.

The color motif Marc and I chose is aqua blue and silver—not exactly a “typical” wedding color motif. I like that shade of blue (Marc likes ANY shade of blue), and we wanted something that isn’t the usual. I also wanted our entourage to stand out (you know, so they won’t be mistaken as JUST guests?), so we picked a shade that’s most unlikely be in our guests’ gown and Barong color choices.

When everybody finished putting on their gowns and Barongs, Dad gathered them up for a photo op 😀 Maybe it’s because I just really LOVE the color, but having them together like that makes me really look forward to my wedding day.

Seeing the finished gowns and Barongs (the ones that needed no alterations were able to bring home their gowns and Barongs already) is probably the main reason I’m finally beginning to get into the “wedding excitement.” It also makes me realize that my wedding is getting very near. I’ve been so busy with work too much that I only got bitten by the “wedding bug” just now.

I really can’t describe properly how I’m feeling right now, actually. It’s a combination of excitement and anxiety. Kind of like you can’t wait for that day and at the same time, you feel you need more time before it comes. This is normal, isn’t it? Or am I too much of a workaholic that I only felt the excitement JUST now?!

I’m turning 18 tomorrow!

7 October 2006     •     10 Comments
Daily Dose

Yeah, right… I WISH. As much as I’d like to be celebrating my 18th birthday again tomorrow, I’ll be turning 25 already.

Funny how fast time flies doesn’t it? It seems only like yesterday when I was four years old, dreaming what I will be when I turn 18. I can still recall that afternoon when I was four, and trying to imagine what I’ll be doing 14 years later.

And now, I’m way past that. Heck, I’ll be a quarter-of-a-century old as of tomorrow.

Is this really the feeling you get when you’re about to turn 25? Or am I just being weird because I’ll be getting married soon? Seriously though, I feel a bit strange that as of tomorrow, I’ll be the same age as my mom when she had me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have kids of my own. But it’s just a bit weird, you know?

I guess I just can’t imagine myself being a mom yet. And I’m pretty sure my closest friends can’t imagine me being a mom too. It’s easier for us to imagine me as a workaholic than a mommy.

But come to think of it… I’ve been told more than once by an aunt or two that my job is fit for raising kids. Working at home as a web/graphics designer would allow me to spend a LOT of time with the children (and don’t forget the dogs!). But no matter what I do, I still don’t LOOK like the mommy type.

Thinking about having kids already may seem a bit “too soon.” But hey, don’t blame me, my wedding is in November already—I can’t help it. I know Marc and I don’t necessarily have to have kids right after getting married, but I just can’t get over the fact that at the very same age I’ll be tomorrow, my mom had me.

Ah, well. No point burdening myself with these thoughts at the moment, I already have a lot to think about (work, anyone?). I’ll just enjoy the spaghetti and chicken wings my dad promised to prepare for me tomorrow—maybe I’ll even buy myself a cake with candles to blow. Pathetic, I know. But if it’s the new Chocolate Marjolaine from Red Ribbon, what the heck.

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