In English, this means “getting sick isn’t allowed.” And so it isn’t—especially when you have a lot to do. But I am 🙁

Marc had colds the past week, and he was worried that I would get it too. I got a bit annoyed—I wasn’t THAT delicate. But he calls me a “sick-ling,” somebody who contracts the flu or whatever from others easily.

Ok, so maybe I have quite a low body resistance. To be honest, I sometimes forget to drink my vitamins regularly. It’s pretty obvious that that has a lot to do with me being a sick-ling, but I guess one of the major reasons for this are my bad sleeping habit, and stress from work and the wedding planning.

I sleep at weird hours, but I know I get enough of it. Sometimes even more than enough. I just can’t help it—I work best at night when it’s quiet and the room temperature is comfortably cool. But I’ve been told more than once that sleeping at weird hours (ie. afternoon) isn’t the same as sleeping at night. Is that true? I haven’t really found anything written about that on the Net (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough), so any ideas on this would be very much welcome. I would really like to know why I seem to get sick easily, you know.

I guess stress being a source of sickness (or at least low body resistance) is pretty obvious. From Wikipedia, my all-time favorite source:

Whenever we encounter a stressful event, our bodies undergo a series of hormonal and biochemical changes that put as in a ‘fight or flight mode.’ Our heart rate increases, adrenaline rushes through our blood stream, and our digestive and immune systems temporarily shut down. If the stressors continue and we stay on high alert for a prolonged period of time, we experience exhaustion and burn out.

Well, that explains it 😛 My immune systems “temporarily shut down.”

I have to admit that I’ve been going back to my workaholic state once again, and it’s not really helping me get rid of this bad cold. I can’t help it. With our wedding so near, the pressure and excitement is just a bit overwhelming—I would rather work on my projects that think about them. I know it’s weird, but working (or just blogging and designing for fun) is my way of distracting myself. It doesn’t necessarily relieve the stress, but really, sometimes you got to choose the lesser of two evils. Wedding is a life-changing event, and thinking about it just scares the shit out of me.

Marc and I went out with some blogger friends last night, but the “de-stressing” was already a tad bit late. I was already starting to get the colds.

I don’t really have much of a problem working when a bit sick (with “a bit,” I mean, I’m not burning with fever or anything). After all, I do work from home. I can easily take a 1-hour nap when I feel the need to. But getting colds? I hate getting colds. Runny noses are just so irritating, especially when you suddenly ran out of tissue paper and you desperately needed to blow 🙁

Well, let’s just hope this bad cold blows over before my wedding—I don’t want to have a runny nose while saying “I do.” That’s just… Disgusting 😛