I had been wanting to blog about this days ago, but it was impossible. I’m stuck with dial-up at the moment, for the simple reason that my cable internet isn’t back yet. It’s damn slow—I just get annoyed trying to work with it. But it’s been almost a week—this entry is already way past due—so I guess I’ll just have to endure the slowness of dial-up for now.

Although I didn’t join the contest (SEO isn’t my expertise heh), Marc and I would like to extend our thanks to Marc Macalua for inviting us to the event. The food was great, and I also met familiar and new faces.

I saw J again (harhar I now have a piece of his “Abe-card-inspired” business card!), Anton, Abe, and Noel. I met Benj and Michael Turner too. Markku and Anne came earlier than Marc and me (for once! Hehe), and we shared the table with them. We gave them some wedding ideas should they decide to get married themselves one day (yihee!).

Aside from the blogging crowd, I didn’t really know a lot of people who attended the event. I would probably never understand the SEO lingo, but I always find geeky gatherings like this interesting. You share a common interest (the internet), and you don’t seem to run out of things to talk about.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again: the internet is no longer as “impersonal” as it is before. We now see the people behind the sites and the blogs—they aren’t just fancy uber-cool internet nicks, but real people.

If this is part of that Web 2.0 evolution… Well, I’m loving it.