Fine, fine. I’m just jealous—Abe, Jayvee, Rico, and Sasha, all bought something out of blogging. I didn’t exactly BUY anything, but it did “got me” some “stuff.” Ha! Did you guys think you were the only ones?

I hate using unordered (or ordered) lists, but here goes:

  • Blogging got me local clients. I don’t think I would have gotten “big name” local clients such as the Office of Senator Mar Roxas if it weren’t for blogging. I have been dealing mostly with international clients until blogging came along.
  • And last but not the least: Blogging gave me new friends. Ugh. That sounds like something out of a Care Bears dialogue, but seriously, blogging DID introduce me and Marc to a great new group of friends.

I have met a lot of bloggers in real life, and I can really say that some of them turned out to be great friends to me and Marc (maybe more, if given the opportunity). Even better friends that those we’ve thought “were” our friends—“friends” we thought we knew, but apparently, did not.

The bloggers we’ve made friends with are honest and sincere (so far haha). I guess it really does make a whole of difference when you’re driven by greed or by sheer passion for what you blog about. This sincerity seeps into you, which incidentally affects the way you treat people (I meant that in a good way). But when you don’t really know what you’re writing about, and just wanted to blog for the sake of getting profit out of it… Well, I’m not sure if the effect will be the same.

I don’t know… Maybe there’s just something “real” and honest about passionate bloggers.

So… If I were to tell you the best thing that blogging got me, it would be this. Call me cheesy (or even a wacked Care Bear), but another group of real friends is the best that blogging ever got me.