I’m now writing this post as Mrs. Gail Dela Cruz-Villanueva. It’s still kind of strange saying that, but I’ll get used to it 🙂

Marc and I have just gotten back from our honeymoon in Hongkong. The first piece of news we heard was of a typhoon coming. Call me selfish, but really, it’s a weird sort of blessing. I’ve been planning to get back to work as early as tomorrow (just thinking about all the work I have to do makes me want to go back to Hongkong!), but if this coming typhoon really is stronger than Milenyo, I’m not sure if that’s even possible. I’ll try anyway—at least until before the electricity shuts down again.

I have a lot of photos and stories to tell about our trip to Hongkong, but I’m just so tired now. The plane that took us back here in Manila was just a small airbus—the experience was far from pleasant. The turbulence made me feel like I was inside a blender (I’m exaggerating, but really, the turbulence made Marc and me extremely dizzy). I’m probably more tired now than I did when we got back to our hotel in Kowloon from Ocean Park.

Anyway, I got the CDs containing the photos from our wedding. Fast huh? Well, that’s the best thing about having a photographer for a dad—his photographer friends gave me the photo and video coverage of our wedding as their gift.

Sneak peek!

We’ve got a LOT of wedding photos (I actually felt like a star being chased by paparazzis hehehe), and I’m still choosing the best ones to upload. But for now, I’m going to take a rest. I’m just so tired!

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