I have always enjoyed decorating for Christmas, even before I officially became a “home-maker.” I often don’t feel the spirit of the holiday season until I’ve put up the decorations. This year, it’s the same thing.

I’ve been bugging my dad for years to replace the Christmas tree that our dogs chewed to bits, but he said he would only buy a replacement if there exists a disposable tree. Buying a tree every year would be ridiculous, so I just had to be contented with garlands and decorations that can be put beyond the dogs’ reach.

I thought that I would be able to have my dream tree now that Marc and I have our own home. Marc’s a neat freak, and my dad is in total agreement with him in keeping Sheero, Harry, and Choknat outside the “human area.” Marc goes mental whenever he saw stray fur and crawling little fleas, and my dad said he wanted his future grandchild to grow up in a fur-free and flea-free house. The setup didn’t suit my dogs well, but I still keep them beside me while I work in my office. Dog-free our house may be, I still didn’t get my tree 🙁

We’re in the process of extending our house (many thanks to Marc’s friend Allan the Architect), so right now we’re still living in cramped quarters. It doesn’t resemble a storage facility anymore, but it’s still a tight fit. There just isn’t any room for my tree.

Marc must have realized how much putting up Christmas decors meant to me, so he bought me a garland and Christmas lights. I decorated the plain garland with the “left-over” decors from the garlands I made for my parents’ house (my mom bugged me endlessly until I put them up). Take a look!


I’m not much of a florist that my mom was before the stroke, but this was the best arrangement I could do with limited resources:


These definitely liven up our little house, don’t you think? For now, these will do. Maybe next year I’ll get my tree!