Ok, fine. I’m exaggerating. Again. Hehe. I’m a very busy person, but “extremely busy” is too strong a description for my being busy. I’ve got quite a lot on my plate right now, but I still have time for household stuff (it’s not like I have a choice, you know).

Last week, I’ve been very bothered by our windows and the makeshift “curtain” we have on one of them (it’s just a piece of cloth tied on the window edges). My cousin who was home from Canada had told me that she wanted to drop by and see our little house, though she wasn’t really sure when. My in-laws have already visited our house with that god-awful cloth “curtain” during my sister’s birthday party, and lucky for me it was already dark. The jumbled up cloth for a curtain was really embarrassing, but my thrifty husband didn’t want to purchase curtains from the department store because they were expensive (which is true, actually).

Since those curtains (or lack thereof) were really bothering me, I took it upon myself to do something about them. I was getting desperate, some of my blogger friends were coming over to visit—I had to do something. And quick.

I was lucky my mom had a roomful of really nice cloths (before her stroke, she was fond of sewing stuff). Back in high school, I was taught how to use a sewing machine—with tutorials from my mom, of course. I can say that I can operate it quite well. Unfortunately, my mom hasn’t touched her sewing machine in about two years already (last was before her stroke), so it wasn’t operable without doing some serious repairs on it first. Needless to say, I had to do the sewing by hand.

I can also sew by hand (ha! Betcha didn’t know I had a hidden talent for sewing, did you? LOL), but I just didn’t have the luxury of time. As I said, I am a very busy person. My friends were arriving for dinner, and it was already late in the afternoon when I finished the design I was working on. There wasn’t time for sewing, but I desperately needed the curtains.

What to do? Well, let’s just say that aside from being busy, I’m also a very resourceful person. Hehe. Take a look at how it turned out:


Does that resemble a curtain, or what? Those are real curtains, but I didn’t sew them. Hehe. I did a lazy-housewife quickie solution: I stapled the edges!


Ha! Would you believe I actually got away with these stapled curtains? My friends never suspected anything until I pointed out the staple wires to them. I went a tad bit further and did some stapling on our inherited-from-grandma’s-old-kitchen kitchen counter (one of these days I need to do a serious painting session on those cabinets):


I’m not the world’s best housewife, but hey, at least it’s not obvious. If you can’t sew, staple! 😀