I’ve said it before that I’m practically not allowed to get sick, considering the amount of work that I usually have to do. Well, it seems that I found another reason not to get sick:

Mt. Dirty Laundry

I had huge piles of laundry waiting for me yesterday after a week of sniffling, sneezing, and blowing my nose till kingdom come. I knew that I’d be washing more clothes when I volunteered to do my family’s laundry (they don’t have a maid right now, and my dad needs all the help he can get doing the chores), but I always made it a point to wash dirty clothes at least once every two days, so I have never really seen such a huge pileup like this before.

Five simultaneous web projects I can handle, but this pile?! Seeing that huge a pile just makes me want to go back to bed and sleep.

Well, ok. Maybe I kinda did bring this upon myself. It’s probably my tendency to be compulsive about rinsing the clothes that made doing the laundry tiring. I prefer to do the initial rinse by hand. That way, I’d be able to rinse out what the washing machine can’t do. Clothes that aren’t rinsed well smell really icky, and I don’t like wearing stinky clothes.

Now let’s just hope my dogs and I don’t drown ourselves under these huge piles of laundry 😛