I didn’t see that coming. Really. Me, of all people, get into pro-blogging? If you told me that four months ago, I’d probably just laugh at your face. And tell you you’re nuts. Let me give you five reasons why I wouldn’t have even imagined myself going pro.

  1. I love web design too much. I’m not saying that web designers are idiots when it comes to writing. But really. Web design requires concentration (especially when nearing a deadline), and with my schedule, it seems silly to squeeze in required blogging. I just don’t have time for it. Or so I thought.
  2. I’m lazy. You can blame it on my web designer lifestyle. By the time I’m finished with a project, most often than not, I feel too drained out. There are times when I know (deep in my heart) that I should write a post already, but the lazy monster just kept whispering, “go to bed, work’s done, go to bed.”
  3. I just can’t write daily. I can’t bring myself to. There are those days when I just can’t write, or I can’t think of something substantial to write.
  4. I don’t want to be required to write. Takes the fun out of it. Blogging, for me, is a way to “not work.” I don’t think of it as work. Blogging is like fun time. If I’m required to write, it begins to feel like work—something I needed to do, else I’m screwed.
  5. I don’t see myself as a blogger. Or rather, a blogger who deserves to get paid for blogging. I will tell you to pay me if you want your blog’s design done, but I won’t ask you to pay me to blog about you. I just don’t see myself in that blogging pedestal, you know? That spot is for Abe, Jayvee, Rico, Sasha, Connie… They’re the pro-blogging people, I’m just the designer-who-blogs-for-fun.

Why, pray tell, did I even think of going pro?

Let’s just say I have friends who made me feel goddamn good about my blogging skills, and a husband who believes I can discipline myself and write better than I give myself credit for. Not to mention a younger sister who wonders why there are people crazy enough to pay me to write a review in a blog named after a flea. Or maybe I was just ecstatic selling my first link in TLA last August? I don’t really know what made me change my mind.

It’s insane, but hey, other people have done crazier things. Besides, I’ll just be blogging about Filipino weddings and traditions. How bad can that be?

Thank you, Abe, Sasha, Rico, Connie, and AnP; for giving me a chance to prove to myself that I have it in me. I’m honored to be part of the Bayanihan Blog Network, the first ever Pinoy blog network. Cheers!