Marc just found out how hard it can be marrying a blogger.

I’m so mean, am I not? Heh. But really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Every blog post he makes merits a “no-refusal” ticket with me. So if I’m the one in mood, he’ll be in luck 😀 Besides, we just got the blue print of our house’s expansion. We’d need to exercise some degree of self-control if we want to have the house constructed. If we keep up shagging like hamsters, we’d have to save up for a baby instead of a house! 😛

Ok, fine. That wasn’t the only reason. Hehehe. Jayvee actually gave me the “no blog, no sex” suggestion a few months back, when I asked him what’s the most creative way I can make Marc maintain his blog. I’ve been itching to monetize his blog ever since I sold my first link on TLA. My posts aren’t Adsense-friendly, and I’ve been hoping that Marc’s would be.

I tried to convince him by flashing at him my TLA checks—didn’t work. I showed him his site’s current PageRank—the doorknob would probably appreciate it more than he did. When his domain jumped to PR5, I knew I had to do something. And quick.

It was time to use Jayvee’s suggestion. And it actually worked.

I don’t know how long Marc and I will be able to keep this up before we start shagging like hamsters again (hahaha Jaypee, are you getting shocked yet?! LOL). But for now, I’ll make the most out of it and plaster some Adsense stuff on his site.

Maybe it’s true that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But it seems that the fastest way to a man’s Adsense earning potential is through his penis! 😀

Go on, Digg Marc’s post and help me give him more reasons to blog! Hehe. (Thanks for the Digg post, Migz!)