Abe contemplated on his blog if 2007 is the year of the Filipino Blogger. I would like to think that it is, and add that this year would bring about the start of a new phenomenon. It began with a blast at the Blog Parteeh, which aimed to take the Philippine blogosphere online. And it succeeded. More people seemed to want to take part in this growing community.

Even as early as the second month of 2007, we already saw a lot of advancement in the blogosphere. Aside from the first blog-marketed party, we saw the birth of the PhilippinesÒ€ℒ first blog network. A small design firm even decided to specialize in blog design and customization (you know I just had to plug my company! Hehe).

Together with Abe and Jayvee, we thought of taking this a tad bit further by recognizing the finest Filipino blogs online through The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards.

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

Nomination period will run from February 14 to February 28, 2007. Visit the official website for details and updates.