Well, kinda. Sorta. Marc purchased the mobile phones using his credit card, but we’ll be paying for them monthly using my blogging earnings. I would have preferred full payment upfront, but Marc (probably in his excitement) inputted the wrong ATM PIN code thrice! Our ATM card got captured, so we weren’t able to withdraw Php10,000 from that account. These babies cost more than that, but we were planning on withdrawing from our different bank accounts because of the Php10,000 withdrawal limit per transaction.

Our new gadgets!

So anyway, Marc insisted on getting the “better” phone since he’s the one who goes to the office and attends client meetings (I’m just the lowly, work-at-home designer huhuhu). I got the Nokia 5300.

My new phone: Nokia 5300

I’m not really a music person, but it has a sliding function. I don’t know why, but I just find this phone cute. It’s so… small! I even lucked out and was able to avail Nokia’s special offer. It came free with those sleek Bluetooth earphones (I think this promo is only until February 10).

To be honest, it felt good splurging a bit. Hmm… Maybe because I’m just making the most out of my life? Heh. It’s been a long time since I gave myself a gadget treat. I think the only gadget I’ve bought using the cash from blogging was the PSP I got for my younger sister last December.

Besides, it’s blog money I’m using to splurge—I don’t feel bad spending blog money. And it’s not because I’m rich or anything (far from it). It’s just that blogging isn’t something I work hard on, if you know what I mean. It’s not like my design projects where I practically lose sleep over when piled up. I just do it for fun.

Ah well. I hope one day I’d be able to buy a car with blog money like Abe did. But for now, little gadgets will do 🙂