Sugar fix for the stressed

30 March 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

If only my mom wasn’t Diabetic, she would have loved getting her hands on these:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

But unfortunately, she is. So it’s up to us “kids” to enjoy these yummy treats. Read more

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards: Who do you think will win?

28 March 2007     •     6 Comments
Tech Things

I’ve been feeling guilty for not blogging as regular as I did before. Aileen told me after the Band of Bloggers Badminton last night how she noticed I hadn’t posted anything for the past week—I felt even guiltier. Sorry about that guys, I’ve been extremely busy with work and organizing the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards (especially with the Awards Night so near). And yes, this will be a short entry (sorry Abe, but this is already short for me! Hehe).

For those who still don’t know, the Awards Night will be on the 31st of March (this coming Saturday) at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium (Podium 4, RCBC Plaza) from 6PM to 8PM. It’ll be a semi-formal to formal affair (no jeans please). If you’re a blogger, but not a finalist, and you still want to go and watch, see the instructions here on how to get an invite. Since the auditorium has a limited seating capacity, we can’t accommodate everyone and their battalions. Remember, this is an affair for bloggers, by bloggers. And when we say bloggers, we don’t mean “bloggers and their delegations.”

Anyway, judges’ score sheets are already coming in. In a few days, we’ll know who will be bag the Awards. I’ve completed my own score sheet, and I’ve breezed through some of the other judges’ who already sent theirs. Although I’d be one of the first people to know the winners, I don’t know who will win until we’ve made the official tally (duh). I can’t help but wonder myself who will be considered the Philippine Blogosphere’s best this year.

So, who do you think will win in this year’s Blog Awards?

I concede :)

22 March 2007     •     7 Comments
Family Stuff

Sometimes, you just need to know when it’s time to concede.

The past month had been pretty busy for me. Atop of client projects, there’s the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. I don’t think running an event like this comes close to the stress of planning a wedding, but pile of work + event is stressful enough to make me light up a cigarette every now and then. I don’t think I’ll ever have the heart to get back the smoking habit, but sometimes stress can just be a tad bit unbearable.

Being a co-head organizer for the Blog Awards, there’s nothing for me to concede to. But when it comes to household work, there sure is. My parents brought me up to be “a fighter,” a person who will not back down when the going gets tough. But sometimes, it’s really advisable to agree to a ceasefire. Read more

What a workaholic will do in Puerto Galera

18 March 2007     •     17 Comments
Daily Dose

I’ve always known that I am a workaholic. And like any addict, I’m glad that I’ve finally gone through the first stage: Admit that you have a problem. Yes, I’m admitting it. I’m Gail, and I’m a workaholic.

Puerto Galera

So now, you want to know what this workaholic did while in Puerto Galera with her husband and his colleagues? Ok, I’ll tell you. Read more

The curse of netrepreneurs

15 March 2007     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

I’ve been raised in a family where having home-based businesses are common, where 9-to-5 jobs aren’t the usual. My late grandma used to import Hawaiian fertilizers and repackaged them for Philippine consumption, my mom had her flower shop, my dad his photography studio. Heck, even my mom’s brothers are pilots. Though they are still employed under an airline, their jobs aren’t what you’d call a regular “9am to 5pm” job.

As you can see, it’s quite clear why I would have a profession where I had no one to answer to except my clients. I already mentioned it before, I tried working for a company—a call center to be exact—but it didn’t suit me. I was (and still am) used to being “around” entrepreneurs, so the idea of working for somebody else’s company didn’t give me any satisfaction. It’s like what my mom said, “the highest ‘position’ you can ever attain as an employee for a company is ‘President,’ but you can never be the owner.” Read more

With great power, comes great responsibility

12 March 2007     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose

I’m not sure if that’s how Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said it in the movie, but that’s how I remember it.

Maybe it’s because I’m just the type of person who’s easy to please (heck, I laugh at even the stupidest jokes known to mankind), but I always thought of this “great power” that Uncle Ben referred to can be manifested in even the simplest of ways, like driving a car, spearheading an event, writing a blog post, or posting a reply on an un-moderated comment system. I see it as the perfect quote representing accountability.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about trivial things like this now—Abe and I are already at the brink of insanity with all the things we needed to do for the Philippine Blog Awards and other stuff—but I can’t help it.

I guess that’s the problem of being too observant for your own good. True, it can help you coax a really juicy secret out of somebody for the simple reason that you caught them off-guard, amusing yourself and your equally gossipy friends in the process. But it can also be a source of annoyance when you notice that a television host says “that’s right” too often to be allowed on screen, and bring a sad realization that there are people who are prepared to take the credit, but not ready to face the responsibility that goes with it.

Although being observant helps you notice things that other people don’t see, it doesn’t give you the powers of a psychic (no, Spider Senses aren’t included)—you still won’t know when those realizations will come until it’s actually shown in front of you. And when it is, it hits you like a thousand bricks falling on your head—a thousand bricks that in first place shouldn’t even be falling on your head but on somebody else’s. That’s the saddest part about being too observant: you sometimes notice things that shouldn’t have been your problem in the first place, but will eventually become yours for the simple reason that there are just some people who can’t seem to see eye-to-eye with Uncle Ben. Read more

Harry Potter and the Deathly Teeh-tooh: Book 7?!

9 March 2007     •     21 Comments
Daily Dose

Haha. Just kidding. Of course not.

We’re already starting to go through entries (about half a thousand of them) for the past few days for judging. And since the Personal Category is the most saturated, that’s where I started. So before giving Abe and Jayvee copies of the master list for checking, I just had to warn them: expect to see a lot of Harry Potter’s behind.

People seemed to be more interested posting photos of Daniel Radcliff (the actor who plays Harry Potter) on their blogs naked than talking about Book 7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, yeah that’s where I got my nasty post title).

Harry and his horse

I’ve been seeing this photo all over blogs (but the photo above I got from Mugglenet), although there’s another one that’s a tad bit more… revealing—too revealing for me to post in this GP-PG blog. Harry Potter showing his back and shaking a naked behind. Yeah. He was naked, as in, stark naked. Read more

Why this daddy’s girl never became a journalist

7 March 2007     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

Before he became a photographer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and had the distinction of being one of the country’s best sports photographer, my dad’s studio used to take pictures for Miriam College Grade School—the same school where I had my elementary education.

I used to really hate it when my classmates called me, “daddy’s girl.” It sounded so lame. That label was for sissy girls who couldn’t do anything without their daddies. I was a tough girl—a varsity basketball point guard to boot—and it really pissed me off when they called me that. But the funny thing was, I played terribly when my dad wasn’t around to watch my games. It was like, I had no reason to play when he wasn’t there.

Yes, my dad was (and still is) quite protective of me and my sister. Maybe that’s the reason why he enrolled me in a gym to learn kick-boxing before I entered college.

I could never really explain why dad’s absence used to affect my game that much, until I started playing rough with boys at the basketball covered courts in college. I played well. And obviously, my dad wasn’t there to watch (I don’t think he’d like to see his daughter get elbowed by guys hehe). But still, I didn’t suck. Read more

Can you cross the Bridge to Terabithia?

5 March 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

Lame title, I know. But makes sense.

Since I couldn’t join Abe and the others for a weekend on the beach (I had the makings of a bad cold the night before, and I just can’t get sick with all the work I needed to do), Marc and I saw the Bridge to Terabithia last Saturday with my sister and his sister. We actually thought it would be some kind of a Narnia-turned-Lord-of-the-Rings kind of movie, but no. It was just a story about two kids with overactive imaginations.

These kids created a magical world of their own, where they also named themselves the king and the queen. But to go there, they must “cross the bridge” by swinging over a creek and make their minds “go wide open.” It’s a pretty sad story, but for some reason, their overactive imagination reminded me of my own.

I can’t say that they reminded me of me when I was a kid. Because as much as I don’t want to admit it—I still do let my imagination run wild. Besides, if I don’t, I probably won’t be writing entries on this blog, nor would I be earning from web/blog design.

So, back to my question. What I meant by “crossing” is being able to go into that “magical” world where anything is possible—the world of creative imagination. Read more

The Pinoy Pets Network

2 March 2007     •     10 Comments
Family Stuff Tech Things

It’s not every day that you meet somebody who loves animals as much as you do.

The Pinoy Pets Network logo

That’s where it all started. Connie and her kids are nuts about cats. I’m crazy about dogs. So what’s better than putting our blogging resources to good use and start a blog network for Pinoy pet-lovers? Read more

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