If only my mom wasn’t Diabetic, she would have loved getting her hands on these:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

But unfortunately, she is. So it’s up to us “kids” to enjoy these yummy treats.

With the Awards Night so near, I can’t help but feel stressed (actually, “stressed” is an understatement). Thanks to the volunteers, everything is falling smoothly into place, but still. It’s the first time we’re having something like this that I can’t help but think about all the possible scenarios. What if we got stuck at the venue because of the egress requirements? Abe and I will have to stay behind even if it takes sleeping there. You know what I mean? The task and the responsibility are so daunting that you can’t help but envision horror stories while you sleep (or while you’re awake).

I’m still standing firm to what I said before: I’m excited about the Awards Night, but at the same time, I can’t wait for it to be over. Hopefully next week, my email inbox will be back to normal and I’d be able to sleep normally again (without Awards Night nightmares).

Anyway, I was stressing yesterday morning over the judges’ score sheet (oh, yeah, I now know who wins! Hehe. Some were expected, but some were not), when my dad knocked on our door with a pleasant surprise: I got a dozen egg-shaped doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

Abe, Sasha and Rico will attest to this: I have a sweet tooth. Abe once even chastised our trash can full of junk food wrappers, and added that we never seem to run out of “unhealthy food.” Every time he opened our fridge, at least one kind of junk food is inside. Well, I don’t know. Maybe Marc and I are just enjoying our newly wed status—no kids to worry about unhealthy diet yet.

So yeah, it isn’t surprising that a dozen doughnuts could make my day less stressful. Ah, well, it’s probably because the sugar made me high that I actually felt “better.” But still, I’d accept any form of de-stressing with the event so near 😛

Although I’m forever a Dunkin’ Donut fan, I actually like Krispy Kreme better than Go Nuts and Cello’s. These three “gourmet” doughnuts are all equally sweet to me, but it’s the dough that makes the difference. Taken too often, I think these doughnuts won’t taste as good anymore (too much of the sweetness can be nakakasuya). Lucky for me, we live far from the nearest Krispy Kreme branch, or I’d probably end up with an incredibly high blood sugar level every single day. Heh.

This Easter treat comes in a cute egg-shape design and two flavors: chocolate and cream cheese. Being the chocolate addict that I am, the chocolate covered one is my favorite—Marc, my sister, and I were fighting over the chocolate-flavored ones! I even tried hiding them from Marc, but his sugar senses is just too keen for me to hide them 😛

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Easter Chocolate

According to the flyer I got, the egg-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnuts are only in stores until the 15th of April. Krispy Kreme is also going to have activities in their stores on Sunday (April 8) since it’s their first Easter here. I wonder what they’ll do? Egg-shaped doughnut hunting?